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  1. Hey man. Im curious... Why were your mixes originally in the Halo section and then you moved them to the Marathon section? Seriously... why the change of heart?

  2. yay, thanks for the comments guys. Can I suggest that Marquis sets the theme this time round considering he was a close second, and was the only one to enter in time in the first place? What say you M?
  3. thanks for the pointer, I think you got your Bs and Ds the wrong way round (the links point to Inbadamusic.com rather than Indabamusic.com)
  4. cool, almost finished now.. thanks for being so flexible Marqius and Abadoss.. I guess it's a pretty difficult theme.. was just trying something slightly different. For me the whole point of these things is to push yourself out of your comfort zone, so it's a learning experience you know? Otherwise what's the point. But having said that, the only reason i didn't enter in the first place was logistics/timing.. i guess a lot of people are either on vacation or catching up with work
  5. do I get a prize for most unpopular topic ever? I'll enter if you extend the deadline, I've been abroad up until yesterday.
  6. try going to dogsonacid.com and click on The Grid- it's a drum and bass production board and a lot of heavyweight producers and tech-heads hang out there- these people know a lot about bass and would be happy to help you out
  7. thanks for the votes guys! I'm surprised because it's not very clear melodically or thematically, I guess sometimes general atmosphere is more important. People normally have a problem with my mixing style so it's great to see that it pays off sometimes!
  8. rozo- it should inspire you to make your own mix, not the opposite! Sorry to those who thought it was a bit too loosely related to the source material. I see your point, it's a bit muddy and a bit abstract, but I sent the mix to Alex Seropian a while ago and he said it made him all nostalgic, so it can't be that far off! I guess it works best as a 'mood' piece, attempting to capture the atmosphere of those games rather than faithfully reproducing the actual musical content. That's my excuse anyway!
  9. hi guys, thanks for all the kind words. The reason they are separate tracks is that I originally intended them to be part of a longer series, covering most of the material from the Marathon games. But then a few projects came up and I only really had time to work on three of them. The 3rd is on its way though.. BTW sorry for posting in my own review thread, that's gotta be a faux pas of some kind..
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