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  1. I Can't Get This Out of My Head! - 5/5 - - - Stickerbrush Symphony is my favorite song of the 16-bit era. Literally I can't overstate how awesome the source material is and you should check it out. The original has a very distant feel to it, yet also endows the listener with hope. Simply a brilliant piece by Dave Wise. Now I tip my hat to Protricity because he somehow managed to keep that same feel and bring it up to the modern day. This remix has aged very well and remains one of my favorite on the site, give it a listen!
  2. A Rap I can listen to! - 4/5 - - - That quote by djpretzel pretty much sums up how I feel about this genre. However, my typical mantra is that I enjoy any music done well, and I must say, this is certainly executed well. The intro was great and there lots of pieces that I felt really shine. Great job!
  3. Warm and Lighthearted - 4/5 - - - I love the feel to this - as stated very cabana-esque! The only faults that I hear are the overall quality of the track, but at the same time the strength of the performance is good enough to overshadow it. Fun remix!
  4. Brilliant - 5/5 - - - This is one of those tracks that is so inventive fun to listen to. The source material is great, and this remix not only captures it and improves upon it. It may stand just over five minutes in length, but you'll soon forget that it's been playing for that amount of time. The ideas introduced early re appear with a little different flavor each time and keeps it sounding fresh. Wonderful track!
  5. I'm a huge fan of piano mixes and this is a terrific arrangement! I don't know how I haven't found this before. This is one of those songs that clearly outdoes the source material by leaps and bounds (no pun intended). Excellent arrangement and beautifully recorded and and played. I spent no time adding this to my media player!
  6. How did I miss this track? I love the source and this is one of the best remixes of the song I've heard!
  7. Wonderful little song! I've had it on my ipod for forever it seems like and can't get enough of it - Interesting to know that it's imporv from a very talented artist! Very nice piano remix.
  8. Dale North - A great remixer and I'm so glad you returned to post this awesome tune! Seriously too bad you're not posting anymore, totally awesome! - - - The source material is my favorite song of all time. It just seems to be so much more than generic game music. That said, this remix stays so beautifully true and a piece that really just needs to be played. I've had this track on my ipod sense it was released and thanks to it I can now sing the first verse to the song as well! 10/10 - My favorite mix on the site.
  9. I'm a huge sucker for piano pieces and Earthbound, so this remix has two things going for it! On top of that, it is wonderfully played and is both creative, and close to the source material. I'll agree with an above poster: Beautiful!
  10. Probably my favorite track by djp. Anyway, awesome source material, and honestly it's hard to go wrong. I'm totally into having a strong melody in a song and this totally delivers. It's a simple mix that captures the essence of the original in a great way and just sort of retells it!
  11. The nostagia factor is heavy on this one early! Perhaps that's why I was a HUGE fan of the first portion of this song. If you've played this game I'd see little reason not to enjoy this track. After the intro, it really stepped up and went a different direction. Still keeping those great in-game snippets all throughout. Also, the transitions and the sounds and songs you used were brilliant! They are well placed and flow well in and out of one another. It's as if you've invited listeners to take a tour though the secrets of the game. Overall, I'm in love with the creativity that I get out of this track. And the incorporation of the game sounds and music are excellent. Take a listen (all the way through) and judge for yourself.
  12. I'm not a fan of this kind of music at all. I am a fan of the source material, but felt that it was hardly incorporated. That said, I actually enjoyed this track. It sounds solid and heavy and not garage band at all. Great job building up to the climax of the song. The screaming seemed right in place, and there wasn't too much of it was I could handle. I didn't care for the ending so much though, just sort of... over... Great effort and creative twist of the source, good job overall!
  13. This is a great track. I really like the feel to it especially early on. I must agree with some of the other posts, I particularly enjoyed it because it was minimal. One thing that I felt hurt it though was that in my opinion it goes a little too far at times with the drums and some sounds. That said, it's very enjoyable and I think that for most people this is well worth the listen!
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