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    Welp, if you're wondering about the name, it all started when I was playing around in the Super Metroid editor (SMILE) one day, and I got bored. I started playing around with the Enemy DNA Properties, and wound up with a silver-colored Skree that could reflect anything you threw at it. And so began the backstory development of this alias.

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  1. Hey, I was just letting Shuffle go through my OC Remix folder, and this came on. It somehow inspired me to make a video, so I opened Sony Vegas, and after about an hour of picture and clip hunting and track motioning, I pumped out this and threw it up on YouTube. I guess it falls under the definition of a 'music video' but I'd refrain for actually calling it one. I'unno. Just watch if you want. Do see description, please.
  2. First of all, linkage to source: All right. Now that that's out of the way, I think we can all agree that: 1) These themes need to be remixed. Awesome stuff, they are. 2) They'd all go really well together in a medley-type-sorta-shaped-mix-thing. 3) Metroid needs more coverage anyway. Becase Metroid is awesome. Now, to anyone that may take any of these tracks up: you rock, and I seriously praise you. Meanwhile, let's all PRAY FOR A TRUE PEACE IN SPACE.
  3. HELL yes. Been waiting for this for what feels like forever. Love you mixes, bLiNd
  4. Wow, that seems insanely inefficient... I can kinda understand why you don't want people to just upload their own willy-nilly, but there's gotta be a better way. I mean, isn't djp the superadmin? Is he not able to set more people to be in charge of avatar management or whatever?
  5. Er, it seems I need admin help to set up my own custom avatar. Could I get a hand with this some time, please?
  6. Howdy. Been a hardcore fan of OCR for a while, now, and have lurked around the IRC for about a month as well. I don't have any real musically-related talent and am kind of a dummy when it comes to the terminology, to be honest, but I've been playing the drums in my school's band for over 5 years, so I can read music and have a pretty good sense of rythm (When I listened to CrashedMen, I felt mentally abused). I do have modplug tracker though, and the built in midi samples, and have been piddling around with that a little. Nothing worth mentioning yet, though, as I can hardly even recreate a song as simple as CT's Wind Scene. Aside from the actual remixes themselves, my favorite part of OCR is definitely djp's writeups. They're really insightful sometimes, and it's often fun to read the artist and judge quotes. So, sorry if I contribute quite a bit to the bandwidth traffic, hopping around the site and reading all the reviews. :awesome: Let's see, what else. Oh, yeah, an OCR T-shirt I ordered arrived last week. Now I need to go out and buy a car to show off this awesome bumper sticker! Anyway, my hobby (essesntially what I spend all my spare time doing while pretending that it's productive) is Super Metroid editing... ROMhacks ahoy. Super Metroid literally defines about 80% of my childhood, so I'm pretty dedicated to it. If anyone's interested, please let me know! I'd love to share my stuff with the OCR community. Although my most recent 'officially' released work is over a year old and is really crappy by my standards at this point (haha, I understand how a lot of the remixers here feel. Brainsick Metal comes to mind. Still love that one, Prot), I've been working on and off for over a year now on my main project, Super Metroid: Tierus, which I keep under a big white veil, and in full private development. I'm a little more lax about my other projects, though. For instance, I'm working on a mini-hack that I've simply named Super Metroid: Up. Althouhg terribly short, it's the best I can offer to anyone to play at this point. I might be releasing a demo soon. ...Sorry, I'm rambling. Nice to meet you all! Edit: Wow, I just realized that the threads read backwards compared to most forums. I paused a minute and said, "Wait. Mine isn't the first post... wtf!?" Hahaha. Cool Edit deux: Oh, I almost forgot. I was going to take a minute and name some of my favorite artists. The order is unrelated to favor. Let's see... Sixto Sounds, zircon, Star Salzman, bLiNd, LuIzA, DrumUltima, pixietricks, Christian Pacaud (these past people have especially amazing work), McVaffe, Darkesword, Disco Dan, NoppZ, goat, Prophecy, Protricy, Suzumebachi, djpretzel, Shnabubula (did I get that right...? Whatever. DUELING CONSOLES, MAN. HOLY.), Sir NutS, Hale-Bopp... I can't think of any more, and going through Shuffle on OCR isn't jogging my memory, so I guess that's it. These are all people whose music I consistently love and enjoy on OCR. Your work is really great; please keep it up! ...FAVORITISM
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