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  1. I stream on Twitch a lot these days, I do a Chiptune show ever wednesday, and I'm hosting a listening party for my new remix album this Saturday at 8PM EDT! I love Twitch Http://www.twitch.tv/djcutman
  2. hey, I did a remix for this album too, but im not listed under the arrangers
  3. I vouch for Rob, he's a good dude! Hope to see him around here more :]
  4. So we meet again, it seems Curtmang :3

  5. Great remix, you've really made it your own. I love the chiptune influence, and the arrangement kept things fresh.
  6. Love that descending arp on the outro! Sounds so much like an arcade game, I love it! Reminds me of the japanese band Sexy Synthesizer
  7. Bloody Tears is probably the most popular Castlevania song in the live vgm scene, and I love what Joshua did with this version of it. The whole EP is great, I can't stop listening to it
  8. The original is one of my all-time favorites, and you can bet I'll be playing this Club Mix out! <3
  9. Oh hello. I made this remix of the vocal song DREAMS DREAMS from the Sega Saturn version of NiGHTS because I thought it was touching and nice for the lovey love love day that is today. Even if you don't have a special someone today, this song will might make you feel loved. or maybe it wont. I'm not sure. I bought the original track and the Instrumental mix from iTunes to make this tune. I had hoped I could just inverse the phase of the instrumental to isolate the vocals, but they are totally different mixes, so I had to get creative. Hope you enjoy this song and have a happy day. | Soundcloud (with download)
  10. Yeah bLiNd! I've been a fanboy for a long time and it was an honor working with you on this album!
  11. I'm braving my irrational fear of web forums to bring you guys a link to my new mixtape of Wii U hardware remixes, Wii U Grooves. I sampled my new console's OS music (and one tune from the bundled game Nintendo Land) in that kind of 90s instrumental hiphop sound I love so much. The album has already seen support from blogs like Kotaku and Engadget. These are, of course, sample-based remixes so not elegable for OCR, but I thought some of you still might enjoy them. Much chiller then my usual stuff, so check it out, it's free to download: http://music.djcutman.com/album/wiiu-grooves Also available for streaming on Soundcloud and YouTube
  12. I do check my Soundcloud dropbox more often then my PMs here, I also check the GameChops and Dj CUTMAN facebook pages religiously. hahaha
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