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  1. I stream on Twitch a lot these days, I do a Chiptune show ever wednesday, and I'm hosting a listening party for my new remix album this Saturday at 8PM EDT! I love Twitch Http://www.twitch.tv/djcutman
  2. hey, I did a remix for this album too, but im not listed under the arrangers
  3. I vouch for Rob, he's a good dude! Hope to see him around here more :]
  4. Great remix, you've really made it your own. I love the chiptune influence, and the arrangement kept things fresh.
  5. Love that descending arp on the outro! Sounds so much like an arcade game, I love it! Reminds me of the japanese band Sexy Synthesizer
  6. Bloody Tears is probably the most popular Castlevania song in the live vgm scene, and I love what Joshua did with this version of it. The whole EP is great, I can't stop listening to it
  7. The original is one of my all-time favorites, and you can bet I'll be playing this Club Mix out! <3
  8. Oh hello. I made this remix of the vocal song DREAMS DREAMS from the Sega Saturn version of NiGHTS because I thought it was touching and nice for the lovey love love day that is today. Even if you don't have a special someone today, this song will might make you feel loved. or maybe it wont. I'm not sure. I bought the original track and the Instrumental mix from iTunes to make this tune. I had hoped I could just inverse the phase of the instrumental to isolate the vocals, but they are totally different mixes, so I had to get creative. Hope you enjoy this song and have a happy day. | Soundcloud (with download)
  9. Yeah bLiNd! I've been a fanboy for a long time and it was an honor working with you on this album!
  10. I'm braving my irrational fear of web forums to bring you guys a link to my new mixtape of Wii U hardware remixes, Wii U Grooves. I sampled my new console's OS music (and one tune from the bundled game Nintendo Land) in that kind of 90s instrumental hiphop sound I love so much. The album has already seen support from blogs like Kotaku and Engadget. These are, of course, sample-based remixes so not elegable for OCR, but I thought some of you still might enjoy them. Much chiller then my usual stuff, so check it out, it's free to download: http://music.djcutman.com/album/wiiu-grooves Also available for streaming on Soundcloud and YouTube
  11. I do check my Soundcloud dropbox more often then my PMs here, I also check the GameChops and Dj CUTMAN facebook pages religiously. hahaha
  12. Sure, you are free to submit WIP if you feel they showcase your skills. It helps if your WIP are game related, or you include some notes on your plans to finish the track.
  13. Hey Halc! GameChops was established to fill a growing nitch in the scene, VGM instead for live presentation and performance. The idea of production 4/4 constant tempo tracks may seem dull to some, but in the spirit of chiptune, consider it an exercise in limitations Right now, GameChops is focusing on EDM and instrumental hiphop, two genres that would be valuable to working DJs. At this time, all GameChops releases must be tied back to game music somehow. Pixel8ter's Mega Air has only one game tune on the album, but his other tracks have a similar atmosphere. Ben Briggs' Bootleg Circuit on the other hand, is a concept EP of tunes from a single game. Ben did a great job of starting his tracks with a sample, and then building his own arrangement and departing from the source material as the pieces progressed. I love this approach, and the finished album mixes brilliantly live. Hope that answers some of your questions, feel free to fire back if you have anything else you're wondering about. I
  14. Well, I'm DJing in Brooklyn this weekend, Baltimore on the 19th and Austin the following week! GameChops has a network of DJs around the world, it can be a great a way to promote your name and get your tunes out there!
  15. Hi there, I launched a netlabel last month for remixed VGM music, and I'm looking for artists. Some of you might have heard Ben Brigg's Diddy Kong Racing EP, Bootleg Circuit. Stuff like this; Fun, video game inspired dance music. The netlabel is called GameChops, and I'm searching for people who have an interest in a particular game's music from the 8 or 16 bit era, and flipping it to a dance / house / electro / dubstep style to feed the growing audience of NERDS WHO LIKE TO DANCE, and equality important NERDS WHO LIKE TO DJ. Finished pieces can be sample or synth-based, but a "DJ Friendly" format is preferred. Here's how GameChops works: Artist submits tracks If accepted, lossless files are sent to me for mastering (this is usually a collaborative process, so you must be attentive to your email!) Mastered tracks are sent back to the artist, and held until a scheduled release date. The album is released via GameChops.com, linking to the artist bandcamp/soundcloud/website (GameChops can also provide hosting for releases). A free, permanent copy is uploaded to the GameChops netlabel page on archive.org Everyone dances GameChops is a not-for-profit entity, Mastering is offered free-of-charge for accepted albums. If you want to sell your album on your Bandcamp, that is fine with me! If you want it to be a free or pay-what-you-want release, that's cool too. BUT CUTMAN, Y U DO THIS? I've loved game music since I was a baby-chan, and I've been a listener of OCRemix since (almost) the beginning. As I've begun DJ more events, festivals and conventions, I've noticed a real demand for VGM EDM (that is, video game dance music), and while the big boys have all done one or two VGM tracks, there's a wealth of talent right here that I would like to be playing out. So I started GameChops as a hub for DJable video game music. So that's the lowdown. If you're interested, you can submit demos on my Soundcloud Dropbox or post links right here on this thread. In the interest of full disclosure, forums kind of scare me, but I will be diligent in checking back on this thread. I hope GameChops is of interest, and feel free to ask any questions you may have!
  16. I made this mashy mash jammy jam, but too bad I missed VocalClocked Remix. Even if you don't listen to this it's okay because I can't stop listening to it. Hi There (Dj CUTMAN Relax Mashup)
  17. I liked the pages because I love the musix, and this contest is awesome! I was going to see Distant Worlds on Saturday but im playing a show myself and can't make it :[ Hopefully I can win these tickets!!
  18. This mix is so dank, the theme is re-imagined epicly. The tones and textures are spot on. To put simply: NAILED IT
  19. Great spinning with you last weekend! MAN this track owns, can't believe I just heard it for the first time >B]
  20. This hits so hard! Even in my tiny macbook speakers it pumps! The chords rule too, nice remix!
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