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  1. Honestly, the way I'm interprating this lyric suits my life very good. My favorite part is "All I know is pain, [...]"; which was written very well. Though I'm not the person who listens often to rap music, this masterpiece reflects my thoughts for the most part. Additionally, I just love to listen to it. I hope my critic isn't too bad at all - I just wanted to share my thoughts. Sorry for my bad English - but I'm really appreciating this musical piece of art.
  2. I'm not the biggest Uematsu fan in the world, yet I enjoy his compositions. I'm a fan of EVERY video game composer / remixer, who's letting a warm feeling in my heart, and so is Uematsu. For the sake of VGM!
  3. Ich denke, ich schreibe lieber in englischer Sprache... ^^" In my opinion, this track is very interesting, but I can't describe why. I think it has something to do with its style. Would You mind to tell me how long you have worked for this special track? It was surely the entire opposite of an easy task, am I right? Anyway, good work, I wished I could as good remixing as You do it!
  4. Hey dudes, I'm registered since many months, yet I haven't posted in this hopefully wonderful community. I am German, so please forgive my bad english. I am 22 years old and a big fan of Game Music. My favorite composers are Motoi Sakuraba and Koji Kondo. My music interest ranges from Nintendo games like F-Zero / Metroid to japanese RPG's like Golden Sun or Baten Kaitos. In music arranging I am not so good yet, though I am very interested in it. If anyone wants to chat/wirte with me, I would be very glad. For so far, greetings to all forum members
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