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  1. Mach Rider 'Mach Schnell' Astounding, and very unusual is the only way I can think to describe this piece of work. If there is one good thing to say about about synths and techno, its that they can sound a lot like old chip tunes if you really want them to, which is really exactly why this mix appeals to me. Well, maybe not the only reason, that drumbeat (aside from the fact that I think it could have used a tad more filler to tie it together) is pretty kickin' too. Besides which, can you imagine what this might have sounded like without it... ? *Shudder* As I said before, astounding mix, munky. Come out with some more like this and you'll easily climb up on to my good side.
  2. Final Fantasy 6 'Enchanted Esper' This is one hell of an amazing mix, in part because of its length. Yeah, there are some mixes that just shouldn't be very long, but there are some that just scream at you "There should be more here!" This one on the other hand is very complete, covers all the bases and styles possible, and keeps you interested. The guitars to me, sound a bit too harsh, almost grainy. But that is all I can think to mention negatively about this excellent piece of work. Indeed, excellent work Protricity.
  3. Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening 'Animal Village Greenwich Village' Wow, I love the piano work in this piece. Of course, this might just because besides the drums, there isn't much else besides piano. But never the less, the piano does really catch my ear partly because it sounds very complex. The drums are possibly some what over powering, but then again maybe I should turn my bass down some. Great work, BenCousins.
  4. Sonic CD (JP) 'ColKaos Stoned Future' This is a very interesting piece here by Xenepp with lots of atmosphere. I would have to say that the most interesting thing about this piece is the drum beat. Besides that its very plain, lots of synths, pads, and strings. Guess I'm just looking for something a little more exciting. Good work, Xenepp.
  5. Super Mario Bros. 'Aquatic Interlude' Oh my goodness, this is beautiful. Short and a little bare bones, but definitely beautiful. Plucked strings work so amazingly well with this tune. And this tune is one that I think is horribly neglected, so double the thumbs up for Brad for this one. This is something that sure brings back to memories. So much so that it's almost too nostalgic. Wow. Great remix Brad Smith, is this played live? Must be.
  6. Final Fantasy 'Hardcore' Right off the bat, it starts off with Prelude. I'm one of those crazy people you meet who lack Final Fantasy in there life completely (except for Spirits Within, of course), but there are two beautiful songs from Final Fantasy that have always stuck me as amazing. Those are One Winged Angel, and Prelude. Now this rendition of Prelude starts off with your typical soft piano, and a soothing string set, but don't expect it to stay soothing for long. It quickly jumps into electric rock guitars and an excellent drum set. I tell you, this is something to appreciate. It's even got a little bit of a bass and jazz solo stuck in the middle. Kind of out of the ordinary but some what moving. Excellent piece of work Jared, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  7. Don't be giving me this cliche "It's not the size, but the motion in the ocean" stuff. The instruments you use compliment your arrangment, so in that case if your arrangment is amazing and your instuments are horrible, it's going to balance out to be a mediocre song and therefore ruining the amazing arrangment. Compliment your arrangments by using the best instruments you can find. It's not like they aren't out there and widely availible. On the other hand it is a point that should be made that if the arrangment is good, it should be said so whether the instruments are horrible or not. I wouldn't call these instruments horrible, just that they could be much betther. The arrangment is good, for techno.
  8. I feel icky after listening to this piece. It's like... "eww! get it off me!" Am I being harsh? I don't know. What suprizes me most is that orkybash says "Standard Techno," which I suppose it is, but I usually very much like techno where others don't. Maybe my taste in music is evolving, or maybe (as orkybash also stated) these samples are way to thin. And please, oh please, kill that lead instrument PLEASE! If this were a live band, I'd seriously want to break that instrument. But then again, I doubt it would bother me so much if it were live, and the instrument probably wouldn't slide around like my dog in a skating rink. Anyways, those are my thoughts, please don't hurt me for thinking.
  9. Wow I was in a grumpy mood when I posted my thoughts on this mix. Good thing I did enjoy some of it. I must say, much respect for anybody who can take the critizism and turn it into inspiration. Dispite my thoughts, you obviously have a an ability to please a majority. Keep remixing Nicholai.
  10. I think Mazedude should buy me a new set of ear drums. I think I just wore out the old ones banging my head to this absolutly amazing song. Stunning!
  11. Final Fantasy VII 'An Answered Cry' A nice orchestral piece is what I'd call this one put out by Deimos. My only complaint is that the drums sound as though they are out of place, as if they are set in front of the rest of the instruments. They're to loud or need some reverb changing everything so that the drums blend better. Besides that very small qualm, I hear nothing but some very excellently arranged music. Excellent job, Deimos.
  12. Final Fantasy 6 'Cid in the Factory' This is superb. Not everybody's cup of tea but it certainly does fill a void for me. I love these intense industrial sounds and insane sound acting dialogues. Gaffeizil certainly puts out an excellent, very hard core piece of music here. It makes my speakers tremble. Excellent work, Gaffeizil.
  13. Final Fantasy VI 'Oldschool Opening' Ok, let's start off with the instrumentation: the bassline bugs me and the synth guitars are... well... way too synthetic. I can't say that I'm liking this mix at all. On the up side, those 'chip tune' style echoed bleeps are a really nice idea. The sound on them (especially compared to everything else) is amazing. The arrangement is nice as well, but from what I hear it doesn't stray much from the original anyways. Oh, and one more thing: this tune reminds me way to much of Zelda. Sorry, Nicholai, but this just won't be on my list of keepers.
  14. MechWarrior 2 'Wawoow! Training Exercises' Just excellent. A small spooky tinge, very nice strings ('cept for the heavy distortion in that one part, but it's safe to assume that was intentional and in that case, nice effect) and a kick ass guitar. As far as I'm concerned, this mix is going to be my favorite new pick for probably a month unless of course McVaffe or djpretzel come out with something new and kick ass. Excellent work lasombra, and since this piece comes so close to my birthday (July 21st), I'll consider it a gift.
  15. Ninja Gaiden 'Floor Master Ninja' Ryce Beetz puts out a nice ...beats. A very well done piece, but I don't have much to say because I'm aching for a song that'll jump out at me. Great work Ryce Beetz.
  16. I have one word about this matter: LAME ! Oh yeah, and one more thing: EVEN MORE LAME That is all.
  17. Phantasy Star II 'Mamabrain' An Interesting piece of music that Quinn Fox has put out here, no denying that. But, although the effects on the drums are very cool, I think they might be a tad over flanged. Another point is the volume "jumps" that I hear really throw me off. I do like the piano, and the way the atmosphere flows. The drum rhythm itself is actually really intense as well, which is a plus. Over all, a nice mix Quinn Fox.
  18. Silent Hill 2 'There Was a Hole Here' This one leaves my remix rating meter (the one inside my head) in complete shambles. On one hand we have the absolutely incredible piano playing, and on the other we have these drums and possibly even the strings which are far too quiet. I must say though, the drums do fit nicely, I just wish they were a tad louder. Not much louder mind you, just enough so I can actually hear them without straining. Beyond that, it is quite good. Great job Wingless, but I must say that it could have been excellent if only those drums had more presence or been completely absent (as to not distract and detract from the rest of the mix.)
  19. I'm wondering if I should be using the words "my opinion" more often. Or adding a disclaimer, as Antonio Pizza does.
  20. Kabuki: Quantum Fighter 'USB MindLink' Abjurator, now if that's not a new name then I must have missed something. This isn't just a new name, but this is a new mix with an almost experimental ambient sound, that is, when the when the hard hitting techno beat isn't seething from your speakers. I love the ambient loop at the beginning and the end of this piece, and I really have to say, the part with the hammering beat a is no sluff either. This here is definitely one of the better techno pieces I've heard on this site, and very easy to dance to (believe me, I even tried.) Excellent work Abjurator, and yes, I want to hear more.
  21. Sonic Adventure 2 'Chao Marathon' A great technoish yet melodic piece here. Personally, I'm almost thinking that the beat and the melody have no place being in the same place, no matter how well they are in time. But then again, it is very nicely put together. The drums are a tad loud, and almost overpower the melody at some points. I would have liked to have heard more of the song drumless, for sure. Regardless, a great mix LeeBro.
  22. Chrono Trigger 'Requiem for a Green Revolution' After a remixer posts so many mixes, one comes to expect a certain quality, style and sometimes even genre from that remixer. Scott Peeples is not one to let us down in the case of this mix. In fact I would have to say that the quality and style exceeds any expectations of mine. This is a very symphonic melody, almost bordering on new aged. A lot of interesting instruments and instrumentation can be heard here. Mixes like these excite me, their sheer emotional expression that you can feel pounding out if it is like adrenaline for my vanes. Wow, I sound wacked... I'm going to shut up before somebody shoots me. Magnificent remix, Scott Peeples.
  23. Thumper thumps out some really delightful work here. DJ Pretzel spoke of the Judges having many quams with this piece, but whatever they were I don't notice them. I'll have to read what that was about. I really like the wind instrument and the guitars in this piece. The kick drum gives this a really nice sound as well. Great work Thumper, I find it oddly refreshing.
  24. When it's Beatdrop, fast paced beats is what I think we've all come to expect. He certainly had no intent on failing us in that here. I certainly like the echoed ping pong effects in this mix. My only complaint would be that at 2:10 and then at 2:18 there are a couple of not so smooth transitions in the music. It sounds like Beatdrop an interesting idea that wasn't so well executed. Other then that, great work Beatdrop, keep it up.
  25. Sweet, symphonic, orchestration is what I'm hearing in this well formed Lufia mix. If there is one thing that just really stands out in this piece, its definatly the strings. If there is one thing that is... well... lacking, its definatly the horns. So, a touch of brass couldn't hurt, but it's very nice all the same. The drums could use a little work also. But regardless, good work Sonic Blade.
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