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  1. FF7:BC-PresidentShinra FF7:BC-Seph FF7:BC-Rufus ATHF-Ignignokt FF7:BC-name? FF7:BC-name? ATHF-Err CV2-Drac Freespace2-HOL Freespace2-GTVA FF7-ShinraLogo FF7-Rufus LT: I remember pretty much all of these from last time. They all still have poor resolution. The lil' green and purple things needs transparent backgrounds, not white background. The CV Death one is cool, but he's on a black background and over half his body/cloak is black, so it just blends into the background, which is no good. Last time, they weren't resizes, they were fan-made gifs... this time, they were actual resizes. Death j
  2. Boy does it take some F'king patience... .gif pisses me off more than warm beer and a cold woman.
  3. What's the opposite of "rolling over in his grave?" Because Chopin and Strauss are doing that right now.
  4. Rough cut Cleaning these up, will post clean ones later, unless someone wants to help out. (don't know which one I want to edit yet) Also, I know about the size issues (some are 33x33) and that big one, that will be cleaned up on the update LT: Uh yeah, well, I know these are rough, but let's point out the obvious. The first Shinra logo is fine, except that it's a JPG rather than a GIF. The others below it look like they're made in MS Paint and look cruddy and grainy, so don't even bother trying to get them up to shape. We're looking more for already-made pictures that have been res
  5. Props. Keep the offensiveness... I mean "comedy" coming.
  6. The update is excellent. Truly it is, as said before, Disco Dan's Magnum Opus
  7. Ultima is My favorite RPG series, though I have yet to try Ultima Online. However, as some may know, this song actually was in Ultima 6. It was great to get sucha blast from the past, taking me back about 10 years to when I first played U6 and was completely mesmerised by the music. Yay to Suzumebachi for an Excellent remix
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