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  1. I used to have this extended remix and it was awesome. It captured the essence of the original tune but gave it a new life of it's own. Unfortunately I've since lost it. I've tried searching for it where you mentioned but my search has come up empty. Do you have this extended remix anywhere else? Or can someone else hook me up with it? I would greatly appreciate it because I loved that extended remix.
  2. This remix still sends shivers down my spine, which for me is an indication of how brilliantly done this remix is. In some ways I prefer it over the original tune. It expresses a lot of emotion and atmosphere from the game that are already incredible, and this mix ups it some more. Awesome work guys.
  3. I loved the start of this track, but the heavy guitar at the end of the track, and the effect that replaces the piano mid way through the track took a while to grow on me. The guitar mainly because it sounds like me playing guitar (which I hate), and the effect because I would have prefered to here the piano return for this part, but I guess that may have made it too repetative. But saying that, this is an excellent mix of a great track. It adds some more emotion to it, and would actually work probably work better than the original track in the game. I LOVE the piano used in this track, and its always in my head now.I would have liked for the piano to come back later in the track, but it's still a great mix as it is. I can't stop listening to this track! Excellent job Jivemaster.
  4. An excellent regae-style remix. It takes the original tune, and makes it even better in my opinion. Its something you can listen to over and over and not get bored with. Well worth the download.
  5. A nice slow remix of an already great tune. It starts off slow, but this sets the mood and tone for the rest of the track, which just gets better as it progresses. One worth downloading.
  6. I've downloaded about 25 or so awesome songs from this wonderful site, but I can say that this is clearly the best on here (fromt he ones I've heard anyway). It gives the original tune a new life, taking it in different directions, and what's been done with it is so fricking amazing. At first I had no idea what tune it was a remix of, but it didn't take me long to figure out that it was my favourite tune from the original Sonic game. It's a very funky tune, and one that everyone must listen to. Get it now! Keep up the excellent work djpretzel.
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