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  1. Can't decide on this one. I like the direction djp was headed, especially towards the solo area of the song. Only thing holding me back is the percussion. At least for me, too much scratching and screeches. Good ReMix though and certainly ahead of its time. Will give it a couple more chances to win me over.
  2. I like it, especially that phat bass that comes in. Really reminds me of the 80's-era synth bass. Yes, this is probably one of the most remixed themes but this ReMix goes to show it hasn't been exhausted yet! Nice work.
  3. One of my favorite Zelda64 ReMixes and definitely one of the best out there. Ambient, soothing, perfect.
  4. A fun mix, no questions there! Catchy melody and beat. Not sure I'll put it on my playlist but totally worth a listen or two.
  5. Would be a great ReMix but for the crackles and pops in the samples. It sure as hell ain't my speakers...
  6. Gets repetitive pretty quickly IMO. Brings back memories but can't really listen to this more than once.
  7. Too frantic for me. I'm not into crazy, 200 BPM arrangements. Some great low bass if your speakers or headphones can handle them. Definitely good for a certain crowd but not my cup of tea.
  8. I don't think this is too short. Great beat and funky sounds. Definitely creates a moody and stellar soundscape and ends just before the distorted, echoing synths get overly annoying. Well done!
  9. I'm usually not one for "happy, go-get-'em" arrangements but I like this one. Great beat and drums. Bass feels a little Tron-esque and corny but it's within tolerable means.
  10. Clipping? Yes. Forgivable? Without a doubt! This ReMix kicks ass in so many ways. Great intro leading into the heavy drums at 1:03. This is a keeper in every sense of the word.
  11. Chill, just chill. Simple hip-hop and never gets old. Brilliant combination of simple beat, clean production, and a great source. Did not see this one coming but definitely worth grabbing AND keeping.
  12. This ReMix can be summed up in one word - sexy. The piano is just perfect for this and some of the little improv bits are just great. The symbal in the background is well-done and not annoying. Definitely has a dark yet jazzy feel to it with the bass in the background. Way up there on my list of quality Zelda ReMixes. Fantabulous ending too!
  13. Some interesting ideas but I've never been a fan of any Tetris arrangements. Like DragonAvenger said, some big flaws keep this from being a real winner. Nice experimental ideas but just not executed right.
  14. Damn you guys are fast...and good. Thanks.
  15. Just curious as to the numbering of the ReMixes. I've been going through them in terms of chronological order and they number jumps. Goes from like 46 to 48 and so forth. What's up with this? Not a big deal, just curious.
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