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  1. Here an "80's Brass" preset I made in FL Studio. I just felt like sharing it. I appropriately used "Jump" as the tune in the demo. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?q2yqnm3ukjd You can download an FST file right there, but I am unsure whether or not it is possible to import FST files to use as presets.
  2. Ronnie James Dio, the singer of late Black Sabbath, his own band, and various others, died today. http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5jA6HT4q0zJZ0g1f80auXnU5vacJQD9FO6D100 R.I.P. Dio. He was a great singer, I love the song "Holy Diver."
  3. I don't have a picture of my studio area, but I have a picture of my guitar. I want to get chrome pickup covers put on, which I believe will make it look 5x better. I don't have an amp to play it through right now though. I still practice unplugged, but I would like to hear some good sounds some time soon (Marshall JVM205H *drool*
  4. Most "distortion pedals" aren't as good as natural amp overdrive, but boosting is a different scenario.
  5. I'm not sure if I am going keep/upload this. It just isn't appealing to me. I still want to hear some feedback though, in case other people still like it.
  6. Here is an untitled rap instrumental remix of the overworld song from Super Mario Land. I finished it, but I feel it needs to be "critiqued" before I do anything with it
  7. Awesome, I remember he said he submitted it at one point (on Twitter.) I'm glad to see he made it on here now. His vocals are great, as well as his piano playing.
  8. Very nice job with the remix. The guitar playing was great, and had a lot of "feeling" in it (as opposed to sounding bland.) I am downloading this one, I loved it.
  9. Thanks for the examples/tips. There are no drums during the synth solo, so I guess I already have one. I will try to add another somewhere though.
  10. Sorry, but can you give me an example song with a breakdown in it? I really don't know techno/electronic that well, the only breakdowns I know are metal/rock BD's. I EQ'd the kick to make it a bit less "overpowering." I also lowered the master volume a bit, but I still need to check out the filters. As for the other guy, I am aware this is remixed often, but I just made this because I felt like it. I was also thinking of making a hardcore punk version of this song, but this ended up turning out decent, so I should probably stick with it.
  11. Heres another update. This one has a few layout changes, another synth sound added in during the second chorus, piano parts, and still no guitar part. The title is now "Iced Wasteland"
  12. I liked it. Interesting use of genres.
  13. TMF128

    iPhone Games

    Get Frogger. The iPhone version is awesome. Also check out Tetris.
  14. Alright, I guess I will try something for the bassline then. EDIT: I changed the bassline up a little bit, fixed a small part of the solo, and added a fill in one part. I noticed some more parts I should make changes to, but I don't feel like reuploading. DOUBLE-EDIT: I thought of a name for it "Iced Wasteland"
  15. Thanks for the tips. I already got to EQ'ing the drums. I couldn't think of a way to change the bassline in the intro, but I honestly think it sounds good enough right now. Also, I moved the solo to another part of the song. The guitar solo will be right after it. I will be doing all the guitar parts myself, I am just getting cash for a Line 6 POD XT Live to record it with. I will edit the update into this post in a few minutes. Thanks for all of the help. Techno/electronic isn't really my prominent genre (I don't even listen to it that much,) and I am trying to learn more about it.
  16. I don't have any other ideas though, so I guess I will just shorten it. EDIT: I moved the solo to another part of the song, and shortened the second chorus. I might add in a guitar solo later on.
  17. I fixed it up, and added a little bit of "changes" to make it seem less repetitive. While it still is based off of the only two melodies from the original song, I changed the beat here and there, and added in a synth solo. EDIT: The "chorus-es" and the very first part stayed the same, but all of the other parts have something different to them. As usual, I still don't have the main melody in yet, since I have nothing to record guitar with. That is the reason why the majority of my remixes are unfinished, but I won't settle with not having one (most of the time.) Even if this is techno, I feel that using a guitar as a lead instrument adds my own personal touch.
  18. I added some fills in, but I will see what I can do to make it seem a little bit less repetitive.
  19. Are you sure there is nothing that might neeed improvement?
  20. Here is another work-in-progress out of the 7 unfinished projects. This one is Ice Cap Zone from Sonic 3 (it doesn't have a "nickname" yet.) The only thing missing is the main melody, but I will record that as a guitar riff (I can't do it until I get the recording device I need.) Otherwise, I have all the synth stuff down.
  21. Thats interesting. The Wikipedia clip is very low quality though, so I might make my own arrangement. I'll be working on this. I'll post a thread for it once I feel it is ready.
  22. How did you find out about this website? I actually got a friend request from them on Youtube (probably because they were advertising.) I checked out some of the remixes, and liked them a lot. I didn't join the site until about 5 months after I found out about them though.
  23. Its not the voice you heard, it was the fanfare in the background.
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