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  1. My younger brother, who is the biggest Mario fan I have ever known (Seriously, he has almost every character as a plushy doll) quite literally begged for this game when he found out it was coming out. I set up a deal for him to get it held and payed off at GameStop and we plan on being there first thing in the morning for it. I myself was looking forward to it with my normal enthusiasm until i saw they were bringing back some Mario 64 levels. Now even I can't wait for it!
  2. There was once a saying, "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all." That said and out of the way, it is useless to continue to whine after being quoted the rules in emphasis and shown you were wrong. If you have any further complaints over it, please keep it out of the thread as this is not the place for it.
  3. First off, I must apologize for never playing Bloodlines. I must also apologizing for only knowing of Castlevania from my step-bro playing it on the NES. Stake me, I have a lot to get caught up on in games, but I do of the series and how awesome it can be. That being said, when I listen to this mix, I can definitely feel the monster hunting vibe from this and how closely connected it is to the series. I seriously feel as if I am a part of the game, whip in hand and a full arsenal of weapons for the other with a multitude of monsters surrounding me and wanting a piece of awesome. Truly epic stuff, man, truly EPIC!
  4. OK, when I listen to this song, I honestly can't think of racing in the way I normally do. No, this is more like going for a drive and chillin' with your honey that will end up on a cliff overlooking the city under the starry skies with the two snuggling close to each other. The rest depends on your own mindset. Solid mix, solid feel, plays the imagination to the tune. Excellent work!
  5. As far as Ocarina of Time goes, Gerudo Valley may be remixed a bit, but I disagree that its the "Ice Cap" of the game. Song of Storms, now THAT is the "Ice Cap"
  6. Hey, hey, guys. I am Zacheriah Neoson. I more of a writer than I am a musician, but most of my inspiration comes from a lot of the remixes here. Long time fan of all, I might be pulling off some stories reviews here or there as I review not on the technical stuff, but how the music moves me in writing. Hopefully, it wont be too annoying
  7. *Low whistle* Now this is something to just sit back and just let the beat take you away with your imagination. Awesome work!
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