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  1. I like the orchestral and the techno, but (IMO) he should pick one and stick with it. Simmons: For me, 2:18 - when the mix disintegrated into squealing noise - was when I finally threw up my hands and decided the composer had abandoned melody and consistency for the sake of showing off his range. I don't find a dish which randomly changes its taste with every bite to be palatable.
  2. Dude, please, just... pick ONE or TWO styles and stick with them, rather than completely changing every 20 seconds. There were at least three motifs in here that would have made really good remixes by themselves, if they'd been allowed to develop throughout the entire thing. This song gave me whiplash. It felt like you were trying to show off all the tricks in your bag, at the cost of a coherent and satisfying performance.
  3. Okay, here's an on-topic thing: Once again, in the judges panel commentary and so forth in the editorial/introduction, I'm struck by the disconnect between what this site purports to be about - "remixes" - and what it actually is. What we have here is the literal definition of a remix... and yet it was accepted only grudgingly, because OC "Remix" is more and more about creating new works that only sample or are inspired by the existing music. That's great if you're an artist, I suppose - it gives you lots more room for personal creativity - but (and this will probably make me unpopular) I'm strictly a consumer and a fan of game music. I come here to find interpretations of music I already like. If a song is completely transformed, I have to wonder what's the point of connecting the new work with the original, except to note inspiration? Perhaps a rename of the site is in order, to better reflect its actual content. EDIT: I'm not saying people should stop making new stuff. I'd just like there to be a bit more acceptance of songs that "merely" rearrange what's already there in fun and interesting ways.
  4. Maybe I'm not "hardcore" enough for this site, but I actually prefer remixes like this ... ones that are, literally, a remix of the original track with personal variations, not almost entirely new songs that happen to include bits and pieces of another buried somewhere in the mix. (If so, can someone point me to another site more suited to my tastes?)
  5. Some people here are, IMO, too locked into the "must have a BIG FINISH!" school of composing. Low-key endings are good too. Would this mix be "better" if it had a brassy finale at 3:17 and then dropped down to the current ending? (I love it as-is. The first bit made me think not so much of Halo as certain passages from Princess Mononoke, and the rhumba-ish mix of the main melody is a real toe-tapper.)
  6. Nice mix! (says this listener) FYI, the title of the original tune is "Captain Neo."
  7. I just figured out why the choral opening seemed so familiar; it's the same as in the cutscenes from LUNAR (Silver Star Story Complete) with Dyne/Althena and Alex/Luna. Again, nicely done, Gecko.
  8. Decent enough remix of a song I really like. Thanks, Gecko. Does anyone know where I can find a decent copy of the original arrangement?
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