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  1. Wow, there's some good stuff I've not heard in here. Here's a few that I'm pretty sure most have not heard. Silent Thunder (sadly, I could not find all the tracks): Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager (only good thing I could find on youtube that has a good representation of the music was the intro movie): And of course, SNES's Shadowrun:
  2. Hmm... a Remix of my favorite track in one of my sall-time favorite game, by one my favorite remixers and one of my favorite game composers... it doesn't get much better than that. Nothing really technical to say, I really do like this a lot... though I think I still prefer the smooth, minimalistic style of the original enhanced "OSPF" version.
  3. I don't log in much to say anything or visit the forums here... pretty much ever, but I have to say, this is an excellent arrangement that's really only held back by the bad samples, especially the brass. With some better instrumentation and maybe a better ending, I really think this would get accepted by the judges. I'd really hate to see this mix disappear.
  4. Because it looks like no one bothered to guess and I'm hungry, I would say that it looks like Kirby got a hold of Captian Fwiffo.
  5. Arg, I forgot RPGamer doesn't like hotlinking songs. This should at least point you to the contest.
  6. Hey, you guys still wanting people to do tracks? Chagall (Brassfire) and I are interested in remixing a few of the remaining tracks, namely Rolling Cradle and Evening Star. If you need proof of our remixing efforts, she did her first mix in three days for a contest at RPGamer and won the best amateur remix for their February 2005 contest. It's in here . Since we'll have more than three days, I anticipate we'll be able to create something even better this time around. EDIT: For RPGamer's hotlink denial.
  7. Alright! It's always great to see a mix go from the WIP boards to the front page of OCR. Excellent work!
  8. I wouldn't say this exactly sucks, it is probably the worst song I've heard in the main OCRemix library in quite a while. The sounds are indeed *really* annoying. At least I did learn from this that you can use bad instruments or a repetitive melody and still make a good mix... as long as you don't put the two together.
  9. Now, I'm normally not a big fan of jazz, but I absolutely love this mix. I truly am very impressed with Vigilante's work here. Ogg format runs just fine under winamp 3.0.
  10. Woooo! ...alrighty, time for me to continue my short spree of putting down mixes and generally just pissing people off . I once heard this on one of "Injury's" web radio thingies, but I had to leave in the middle of it. So, finally, I decided to download it... and discovered it was probably good that I left when I did. The song starts out quite nicely, and is quite impressive and could be described as beautiful. Oddly enough, I found after about a minute or two of the same plinking of the piano, I wanted it to end, but had to endure several minutes of the exact same thing. At least, that's what it sounded like. It was very hard to tell as none of it is all that memorable. I'm absolutely sure some people would love this sort of thing, just not me. Final verdict: Emotional, but boring, even for a piano piece.
  11. Arg... another mix that could have been so much more... simply just way too muted and lacking depth(?). EDIT: I was wearing headphones at the time when I first heard this. It's actually pretty enjoyable on speakers with a subwoofer.
  12. I like the concept of it, I just don't think the right instrument was used.
  13. Excellent work, in my opinion. I love the feel of this song. It really captures the 'essence' of the fantasy battlefield in Ogre Battle. I really like it when mixes try to recreate the spirit of the game or a particular aspect of it. The only flaw I can see in the song is the 'xylophone-musicbox' sounds used. They just don't seem to blend well playing in the particular parts they do. For me, it causes the mix to loose some of its 'epicness'. Perhaps they could have been modified or replaced with something else that provides counterbalance (lack of technical music knowledge means I make up my own terms). I'm surprised no one else has mentioned this... maybe I just hear things that others don't <insert schizophrenia joke here, my own are getting stale> or maybe I just have weird tastes.
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