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  1. It's been almost a year since I last logged in (not to say that I haven't been on daily ), but I wanted to express my LOVE for this remix. The Zelda series has always been close to my heart, and (most recently) inspired me to attempt to learn the piano. Majora's Mask was the very first Zelda title that I played, so it has earned itself a special little corner of nostalgia for me. Now, before this turns into a rant/life story, I just want to say that you have done a great job with this mix, and I wish more artists would pay attention to this game's music!
  2. Lockjaw's Locker is "the" song of DKC2 for me. Whenever I think of that game, this song comes to mind. Now it's achieved an afterlife, brought back from the dead by Hemophiliac with all the foreboding and suspense that one can only imagine that the original would have realized had technology allowed it. Easily one of my favorite tunes from Serious Monkey Business.
  3. I am so, so glad that you decided to submit this. Over the past week or so, I've been thinking "Man, wouldn't I love to hear a great Dragon Roost remix", and then this popped up in my RSS, ad voila! Insta-fave! Please continue to post the awesome that I've come to expect from you
  4. can't...stop...listening... Seriously, this was also one of my first games, and was definitely the first video game that I was actively aware of the music for, so congrats to you good remixers for bringing this music back to me, albeit with a lot more pep and general goodness. In return, I offer you this time mage
  5. sorry it took me so long to respond...we were having some internet issues lol. As for my musical background, I used to play bass for several years, and I have some previous experience in drums (something I'm hoping to pick back up on once I can find a nice cheap set ). I'll be learning to play piano in less than a month too! As far as musical theory is concerned, I have absolutely no knowledge of it, though I'll be looking into that once I get back to school and have more free time. Overall, it's going to be a while before anyone here gets to hear anything that I've worked on, as I'm experimenting with FL at the moment to try and get a better feel for it, not to mention my sudden ambition for learning new instruments. I'll try to keep everyone updated though =)
  6. so I was about to go to sleep when I stumbled upon this mix...and I HAD to wait to hear the entire thing before rolling over and succumbing to sleep. I even had on some nice headphones, so I got to enjoy that popping bass...good tune =)
  7. Thanks for the tips, I'm sure they'll be pretty damn useful =)
  8. oh, where do you download new sound files from? I was looking for a good flute in FL and couldn't find one that suits the job.
  9. Thanks for the advice Rozovian. I'm still trying to figure out how to work with FL, but I'm starting to get a better understanding for it. With time and patience, maybe I can make something worth listening to =)
  10. So heres the deal: I want to get into Remixing. Yes I realize that this isn't something that I'm going to pick up overnight. I was just hoping for tips as far as what programs are good, if there are any sites around that give good tutorials so I can get a good feel for said programs and that kinda thing. I already have FL Studio 9, but I hear that it's only good for techno. Any advice is more than welcome =)
  11. Pretty good for a debut piece. This track is indeed very "fragile" sounding as Ella Guro put it, almost as though a reflection of hard earned peace that could break with the slightest pressure. At any rate, I enjoyed listening to it. Good job Iggy
  12. DarkeSword, you never fail to amaze me with your work This song has a very nice atmosphere about it. Keep up the good work
  13. These songs are from the final fight of the game, as well as the credits immediately after. Both are wonderful songs, and I'm requesting that either of them be Remixed, of both of them if someone gets struck by inspiration Links:
  14. I really love what you've done with the source. Admittedly, I never really cared much for the source, but if it had been like this in the game, I would have spent a lot more time around fairy fountains and the like
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