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  1. Would love to see OCRemix's take on the track as it is my favorite. I was eagerly awaiting it's appearance on the FFV Project here but it's prolonged silence has caused me to request it here and now for I scour the web addresses east and west for remixes of legend! And now my search has brought me to you! Your thoughts are forfeit to me. Source:
  2. So can I expect the next part of this album to release in 2014 and the 3rd part with the desired CLASH ON THE BIG BRIDGE in 2016? Last time I inquired about an update was nearly a year ago. And saying it will release before a FFXV isn't funny given SE's current state of affairs.
  3. I am requesting a mix of FF Tactics Opening Theme with Antipyretic. Or simply a battle medley. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouYfxCXMBew (Intro) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fU7BJjrp2xg (Antipyretic) I didn't see much Tactics here and it's one of my favorites out of the whole FF franchise.
  4. Impatient loser dude here. Any updates for this? And any progress on the 3rd album. As much as I love the megafast analysis and album release timeframe, I kind of get a little impatient. >:I So any news? GILGAMESH FAN KING can't wait for the album his BIG BRIDGE song is on. Keep on overclocking.
  5. GILGAMESH! That is all. Really enjoyed this album. Can't wait for volume 2. Love the sad approach with Clash on the Big Bridge.
  6. Requesting Coup De Grbce from Tales of Destiny 2 Original: Thanks in advance.
  7. How long does evaluation take and how long would it be estimated for the this first album to see release? Stupid Question but I have no clue how album releases work.
  8. I have that album myself. Mostly for teh Big Bridge.
  9. This looks very promising. More promising then XIII-2 will ever be. Besides the fact that this is a PSP game. If people think this is bad, then something is wrong with them. Plus it has a ton of things the old FF's do, including GILGAMESH, airships, world map, 14 playable characters, controllable summons, etc.
  10. Requesting The Last Dragon from Fire Emblem Sword of Seals A.K.A. Fuuin no Tsurugi. Source: Also stupid question. Is there a limit of requests within a set time period?
  11. The one's Kyle led me to in the link were one's that most of them I already had as I am eagerly searching for any remix out there.(Got a couple new one's though) As I said before I'm a big GILGAMESH fan and FFV was my favorite of any of the FF's out there.
  12. Requesting Clash on the Big Bridge from Final Fantasy V. Original: Thanks in Advance.
  13. Sorry to bother and ask, but is there a set release date for Vol.1? Or is it floating around for now? I'm just excited to hear the all the boss tunes.
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