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  1. Well crap, this is what I get for not checking the boards. I'd totally have gone to this.
  2. Shouting that out at the OCAD was the best gamble I could have done. IT WAS SUPER EFFECTIVE. Those 100mb Zip Disks were so rad back in the day before my cd burner. It must be somewhere in my attic.
  3. I knew 3/4ths the vgm, and 90% of the composers since I played a lot of NES games, but didn't feel confident enough. Sucks.
  4. Oh hay. I'm new to the community, but have been utilizing OCR since at least the first year. I remember I'd go to a friend's cousins house with a zip disk that I'd dl'd all sorts of remixes on just to burn a cd of it to listen in my car (wtf no cd burner of my own). Anyway, I went to the PG-13 panel and the OCAD panel and decided it was time to jump in. I had no idea such a large part of this community was around MD.
  5. The panel was rad, I just got home. KEEP GOING, I'M ALMOST DONE!
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