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  1. Sweet! This sounds like an independent Hard Rock song! And I also love the "falling back to where I used to be" part. And the Rock idea period is just lovely!
  2. Wow, the ghostly intro was just so eerily sultry. And the take on the whole remix is different than what I expected for this song but I just love it!
  3. Dang, I thought this song was scary before but you made it even freakier! In a good way though. ;D
  4. Beautiful remix! This was one of my favorite songs on this game! Man, they sure had good game music back in the days. XD
  5. Wow, this is so romantic! This was one of my favorite songs from the game so awesome job remixing it. ;D
  6. OMG! I totally forgot about this song! You made it sound so nice and pretty! Love it!
  7. Wow, I'd totally play that part of the game with such energy hearing this remix!
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