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  1. A million happy balloons to you, Jonathan.

    I am very tired tonight but a my very quick transcription of the intro chord sequence is:

    Cm Bb F

    Cm Gm Ab F

    Yeah!! You got it, sounds correct! As a beginner, that C minor fingering looks a bit nasty.


    low-Bb C G

    high-Bb D

    low-Bb low-A

    low-Bb C G

    high-Bb D

    low-Bb low-Bb C low-A

    Yep, that definitely sounds right.

    The vocal melody follows the Cm scale for the most part. I will write this out for you too if you need it.

    Just going to sing that :]

    At 1:22 there are open chords being played in the back. Are those just what you wrote first, or something new? I think that's the whole song after that. Thanks again.

  2. Hey I'm pretty new to acoustic guitar, but there's a song that is really deep in my psyche right now. I want to create an acoustic version, but I don't have an ear for chords to create tabs, and nothing seems to be available online.

    If anyone is interested, could you help me tab out

    ? I might be able to throw in a few bucks if necessary. Or maybe you guys know a better online resource for me to do this?

    Thanks for anything :]

  3. You can't build muscle and lose fat at the same time. Technically it is possible in some ways, but the level of discipline and dedication (as well as genetics and luck) is ridiculous even to the guys who have been doing this for years. Pick one for 6 months, then switch to the other. :-)

    Well then.. it's a season of lifting. I'm just too thin in appearance to push any further. Maybe muscle mass will distribute and displace that last belt of fat.

    Really my long game here isn't strength OR aesthetics but just to boost my metabolism to the point where I can eat tons of food all day and not gain weight. :<

    That's admirable but I have the much less admirable goal of looking great AND being able to run a couple marathons a year :P Besides aesthetics, I've also noticed I can kick a cold much quicker than others. Time is money, less sick time the better!

  4. From everything I've seen, there's a lot of factors to this. Genetics definitely plays a large part, but probably the biggest thing is leaning out. That's more than just being thin. You need to build lean muscle mass, which means good lifting/cardio and a low carb/high protein diet, but also you would need to cut out some of the water weight you carry.

    We all carry water weight, all of the time. Study how fighters or wrestlers cut weight to meet goals for competitions and you'll see what I mean. One of your dietary issues may be sodium. It's in like everything nowadays, but especially processed or canned food. If those are large parts of your diet, you probably are retaining more water than you normally would, which would show most as stomach flab on most dudes. That's where men tend to carry our weight as is. It's definitely frustrating, so I would also advise to be patient. Slow gains are better than no gains which is still better than injury.

    Thanks! Salt is out, that's at least something to go off of and monitor results. Yes, I use a lot of salt and still get fries once in a while. Those are now out too.

  5. Alright, so I can basically run forever, my diet is reasonable, and I'm skinny.. but I have stomach flab and abs aren't showing through. Getting frustrated. If I ramp up my cardio or lower diet I won't get muscle gains I'm looking for. My genetics are just telling me to go screw myself.

    Do I say screw it and just go CRAZY on cardio while still lifting? Or.. lift like crazy to burn more calories? I'm confused :whatevaa:

  6. The more presses the better, imho. They're all great compound moves, which will absolutely build strength and definition in your upper body. Anything on the cable machine is terrific, and the chest crossover is fairly effing alpha, bro. Go for it. That stuff will def build your chest. It sounds like your focus right now might be on appearance? If so, what are you doing to cut/bulk? I see good muscular endurance stuff (medium weight, medium reps,) but if you're looking to get bigger, you need to do some low rep, high weight, and natch for cut you need to do the opposite.

    My focus is on appearance for sure, I know I'm internally healthy and fit at this point.

    An older guy stopped me at the gym today to school me on my dumbell curls. Said I need to stop using my back and use full range (difficult with my long arms) He also said five meals a day and my love of running is a "strike." So basically what I'm going to do is eat like crazy and make it like 75% protein. I can't stop running, just will eat more.

  7. So some of us like to be relaxed and some of us like to wake up fighting for our lives.

    Usually I save the pump-up songs for the gym, but the thing about those type of songs is that they eventually run out of steam for me.. like they just stop working after 'x' amount of uses. I mean.. chill music does that too. Just, less so?

    Post-script: This post is simply to avoid a lockdown for being a list thread. You don't actually have to engage my crap. I just want to collect your morning songs.

  8. This game just didn't do it for me. I thought it was going to be a spiritual successor to FFXI, but it was completely different. Count me in the "quitter" category.

    I asked my friends to all get voice chat set up because I was kind of bored, and when that didn't happen, that was it. Some good memories playing with my brother though.

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