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  1. Thanks, Thin Crust, I'm liking Arcanist so far, and my bro wants to be a Marauder so that's perfect.

    Cross class sounds cool. My plan is to skimp on gear until I reach the level cap. I don't have all the time in the world and want to play very efficiently. Thanks for the EXP tips, I need to level up as quick as possible.

    Very, very different from FFXI so far, but I've barely scratched the surface.

  2. I finally picked up the game! I have a small group of friends who play on Bryhilder (too lazy to look up correct spelling)

    Piff Pelviscrush is my little Lalafell. My brother's going to be a giant Rogueden (again, too lazy) and we're going to travel the land together. The Pelviscrush brothers will be known but not feared, for we are a silly people.

  3. Can you get a workout buddy?

    This would help a lot, but the one lifter I knew real well moved to Florida. I'd like to find someone interested in lifting and buddy up. Also, I can't workout without music, so you're spot on about the "creating your personal environment" thing.

    In the meantime I bummed some weights (not enough) off a friend. Out of necessity because If I keep running, the wind erosion will evaporate me.

  4. I don't think it's hated, but something very quirky that many people wouldn't like.. Iggy's Reckin' Balls.

    It was very early electronic music, like the stuff right after "bit" music went away, but it's weird and I like it. Seawind is one of my favorite tracks.

  5. I would really like for the next HD release Nintendo does would be either Mario Kart DD: HD or F-Zero GX HD

    I think MK8 is going to make all the old MKs obsolete, just like X/Y did for Pokemon (for me at least) Nintendo is on a roll updating franchises to feel fresh.

    I'd prefer Star Fox 64 HD or a Pokemon Snap sequel. Snap is ripe because while it was fun, it had underdeveloped gameplay and the Wii U tablet would be perfect.

  6. Well, now you get to experience Ruby/Sapphire in X/Y glory. Though to be honest all the games have the same feel, not sure why X/Y would change your mind to begin with. If anything Ruby/Sapphire was the point in the series that felt really fresh with a bit of a different design approach. But it's all still pretty samey.

    I'm an unapologetic graphics snob, the no-grind gameplay overhaul tickled me, and the world theming with France.. well, I shouldn't even admit how much I liked that.

    Also I really like Cryogonal.

    I might play Ruby/Saph if the presentation is just as cool.

    P.S. Cryogonal!!

  7. This makes me think of an RPG town theme. A small industrious town stuck in time. Feeling lots of oranges and warm reds, like it's always in twilight.

    I'm certain I was following you on Soundcloud before, and it says I'm not. Fixed that. Great work!

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