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  1. The longer I think about it, the more uncertain I get about this. While I really want to go, I don't have the funds to pay for a room myself and I can't really get anyone at my school interested in going. At best, I was hoping at least three people could have got on board, because that would then be ≈$200/person including registration, but now... I don't know if I'll be able to go.

    Without mincing words further, I'm looking to see if anyone's willing to share a room.

    Someone ditched and we only have 3 people in our room now. Send a PM if you want to try and work something out.

  2. A couple of games that I was not only surprised to see on the list, but they even had multiple entries: Blast Corps and the Goeman games.

    And I was disappointed Goeman wasn't ranked higher with more tracks.

    Diddy Kong racing definitely had at least one or two that deserved to be on the list (albeit in a low placing), but it got way more attention than I expected.

    DKR music in particular stands out as Rare's most evocative for me, when Rare music typically doesn't do much for me other than attach itself to some nostalgic gameplay memories.

    Just goes to show.. floats and boats for different folk.

  3. Mother of God, 72?? Dude the most games I've ever had for a console is like 20 or maybe 25 at the most.

    Yeah any other system I've only had 20ish. My childhood can be defined as "Nintendo 64" baby. I can sketch out the level designs of any Rare game by memory.

    The 64 is etched onto my soul o_o

  4. Nice work guys. I had 72 N64 games as a kid, but I only rented Jet Force Gemini once and played a couple hours. I really want to play through it now.

    There's something from Rayman 2 right? I didn't see anything skimming through but I hope so. And Iggy's Reckin' Balls? I would've ranked one or two songs from those in my personal list.

  5. Woah. That's a pretty insane deal you got there zircon! Not a real fan of MP2 but man, that's one awesome deal you got out of it with practically every game that matters right now!

    Dude, MP1 through 3 hold up better than the new MPs.

    Bumper... Balls

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