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  1. So were you planning on submitting this or would this be considered too conservative? I listened to the source and what you did to it was just awesome in my opinion. That pan flute-y synth is just perfect.
  2. lol. I was excited to make a GIF using the new After Effects Roto tool :] I'm gonna change it though.. I want it to be more sleek but still GIF.

    And yeah i've been posting a lot lately. Love the community.

  3. Well, the thing is that the video is for a pretty specific purpose. I think OA forgot to mention what that is. I won't say anything just in case it's secret or something.. I dunno. He'll probably tell you guys. I don't mean to keep speaking on OA's behalf, but he also told me the video needs to be "epic and badass". Alright, I'll stop being the middleman now *invisible*
  4. This is SO catchy O_O On my iPod, but there's just one thing that bothers me. The section starting at 2:30 drops the pads you were using, and it feels a bit naked but they slowly come back in. That may have been what you wanted, though! I dunno! On my iPod! Catchy!
  5. Thanks so much evory! I think I changed 1 or 2 notes in your patterns, but even if it's slightly wrong it sounds amazing
  6. In my cart. That's exactly my issue. I have great work ethic, but I don't know where to even start. And don't get me started on having a sick tune trapped in your head because you can't figure out how to make it in your program. Sometimes I sing or hum those into a voice recorder, so i can come back to them later when I do know enough. Anyway, let's see what this book can do for me.
  7. Is this good for Trance too? If so, I'll pick this up. Great reviews on it.. looks like a good find. EDIT: Re-read your description... looks like it would be very helpful for Trance.
  8. I'm trying to transcribe this Skies of Arcadia piece. There's 3 patterns at the beginning, and I've figured out two but I really can't figure out the third. I have some tone deafness, I guess, because I gave it an honest try It starts out like Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum [pause] bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum [pause] And this next part is what I can't figure out. So if anyone could write out the beginning patterns in note form I would give my eternal gratitude. This is the source: Thanks for any help.
  9. I think he's talking Be Kind, Rewind style which would probably be extremely entertaining XD Mega64 already did a sweeded type of thing.. in public, obviously. Good stuff.
  10. I see. Well like I said, there's 11 pages of free material suggestions in that thread. People seem to usually respond to specific requests there too.
  11. Yep. BTW, there's a PS2 emulator for PC that can play SotC in upscaled (correction: genuinely enhanced!) resolution.. so you can cap even better footage if you have an insanely good CPU. it's pretty dang intensive And you have to own a PS2 and a copy of SotC if you wanna do it that way... *wink*
  12. Are you partial to a specific genre and are we talking free or premium libraries and samples? I'm far from creating a great mix, but I know some libraries that I think are ultra coolio. If you like Electronic/Trance, Nexus and Vanguard are awesome. If your budget is restricted, Camel Audio has some nice stuff but I find the variety a little lacking. There's a ton of free suggestions in this thread: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=4556 Library building takes patience IMO
  13. There's some specifics OA mentioned to me about the requirements that he didn't list, so I'll provide those: Open with the OCremix logo. OA provided two that you can crossfade between to get a nice glowing transition. Logo: http://www.oceansend.com/5502/ocr/ocr1.png http://www.oceansend.com/5502/ocr/ocr2.png Credits need to be at the end. OA said to use these: Remix Credits: B33J, Cerrax, nonsensicalexis, Sixto Sounds Video Credits: You! If you're not sure where to get SotC footage... Innuendo88 on YouTube has some great HD footage that he is allowing people to use as long as he's listed in the credits You can edit this footage by getting the VideoDownloadHelper add-on for FireFox which rips videos from YouTube (and most other video/music sites) Good luck everyone :]
  14. I checked those both out and, correct me if I'm wrong, it seems to be female only for both. When it comes to the Middle Eastern singing I'm actually pretty partial to the male voice. If there's not a male library out there, maybe you have a nice little niche market in that area. The Voices of Passion library sounds really awesome, but like you said... $350. It was kinda weird that they used barely any reverb in their demos cause I think it would sound really awesome with a ton of reverb. In any case, whatever you guys do is always worth it because your prices are affordable to hobbyists without sacrificing quality. I love how you guys kind of 'commercialize' sound libraries.. it's not just the professionals who get to have fun making music the new way anymore. Everybody gets a chance. However, down the road I can see the music industry getting really bloated because of this which is why I would never pursue a career in music But this is a hobby I'll never drop.
  15. Oh gosh.. I'm so sorry for falsely accusing you :[ I misunderstood when the beginning of the submission period took place. Thankfully, Halcyon didn't chew me to bits like what happened in that.. other thread. I still have nightmares about it. Anyway, I'll just have to give myself the customary 50 lashes for being wrong. Where is my whip...
  16. Even though OA hasn't responded in a while, I think he'll be OK with saying that he has me working on a video. I mean, he could be having multiple people making videos and none of us know XD That might suck. I think it would be really cool to hold some sort of contest for the music video even though I already made most of it. I'll even PM him about the idea. I'm basically risking the chance he wouldn't choose my video anymore, but I say let the best man win, you know? He should get the best video possible because that's what the mix and this site deserves. You can see what I've done so far for it. I didn't get the impression from OA that this is a confidential project but I'd still appreciate it if this link wasn't shared outside of this thread... just in case. Hope you enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SociyneQDcE
  17. RULEBREAKER > He wants us to write stuff within the timeframe of the contest stage. If it were up to me, I'd accept it anyway but Halcyon will probably literally hunt you down now. You'll probably want to keep your doors and windows locked and stay in your velociraptor shelter for a little bit... You do have a velociraptor shelter, right?
  18. Just wanna throw this idea out there: how about a library exclusively for ethnic vocals? Like.. I really want to find varied, high quality samples of the middle eastern type of vocals where they just kind of 'whine'. I don't know how to put it into words but you probably know what I mean.. that singing you hear as the out of focus sun starts rising over the Arabian desert. African chants are always nice and Eastern Noh Theatre singing is something I don't think I've ever heard in a contemporary song. I bet those libraries are out there somewhere but probably cost $4,000 or something crazy.
  19. Doing a lot of reworking. Might re=post later
  20. Yeah.. I read your last submission. It was profoundly... completely... hm... So how about this fall weather?
  21. I'm writing a story, but I think it might be too heavy for this competition. I noticed almost all the other stories avoid iffy subjects. I dunno, what is your guy's take on dark (but not too dark) subjects?
  22. Fffffffff... they better patch it to DX11 in the future. Also, nobody take the name Galcien. SO! Who's going to be buying gil from the chinese
  23. Sorry for jumping in late but after a quick Google search I can't find f this game uses DX11. I hope they do.. tessellation in an MMO would be ammmmazing. When I'm out of school I'll play this MMO. I was addicted to FFXI.. can't have those distractions around now though.
  24. Do you guys remember that movie about the guy stealing the kid's movie ideas... Big Fat Liar, I think. Well that was my idea. On a more serious note, I did send Nintendo of America a letter asking for a Mario Tennis years ago. A month after, plans for Mario tennis on the N64 were announced. I'm sure it was a coincidence although I'm pretty sure I asked for a counterpart to Luigi as well. Friggn' Waluigi.
  25. Inspiring. This site blows me away on a daily basis.
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