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  1. Love it srs but honestly I'm still listening to your half hour mix like twice a day. I always looked at Dubstep as an acquired taste not for me but then you made that damn mix.
  2. Just take two screenshots of your chiptunes in FL and hand it in since each picture is worth 1,000 words. DO IT
  3. Dude, yes.... YES. Impeccable taste. Guess what my BGM was for the entire 2 years I played... Space
  4. That's good. Goody good. I'm halfway through my video, but I have a small issue with one of the 'rules'. I understand why you'd want the videos to be uploaded as unlisted, but when I do that my subscribers never see it in their feed as a newly uploaded video, even after I switch it to 'public'. I only have like 300 subscribers but I'd like for them to notice the video too... so does it HAVE to be unlisted?
  5. Sweet, thank you. Next year I'm definitely going to try to go to MAG though. (Is it in the same place each year?)
  6. This mix has been my favorite on OCR for a while now. A fusion of badass and beautiful, Omen is always repeated at least once on my playlist. I love the interaction between the glitches and the piano pattern that build and build until you have that drumset come in and bring it all home. Excellent.
  7. What an enviable performance. I felt very calmed after listening. Go to your original thread post and click edit. I think you have to use Advanced Edit to get to the dropbox before your thread's title. Just switch it from WIP to Mod Review and a workshop mod will eventually review it. It takes a while sometimes because they critique the mixes pretty thoroughly.
  8. New mixes should get their own threads. Updates to mixes stay in the same thread.
  9. Perhaps... ? (This seems like a decent remix source)I must say it is a sin. Yes, a sin.. that Goemon has not been remixed more. That OST was ahead of its time. Gotta throw in props for my first game ever.. Road Rash! Wolverine: Adamantium Rage had some pretty nasty gangster beats for a SNES Title:
  10. In order from kinda known to not so known. FFXI (MMO) is only known to those who have played. Amazing OST: Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon: Skies of Arcadia: Iggy's Reckin' Balls:
  11. ok i bought it thanks. and how do we download? You guys don't have a user registration system D=
  12. It sounds really timid and distant. Might be too much reverb. It's also really close to the original because you relied on the MIDI pretty heavily. Try just taking the melody out of the MIDI and messing around with different instruments, speeds, keys.. and you'll likely pick up on a different sort of sound you'll want to expand on. At the very least, I'd try to avoid the mechanical nature of the tune because I can imagine that melody being much more expressive. On the plus side, I think you did a nice job beautifying the second part of the melody. Also, that vocal sample you picked out reminded me hardcore of Disgaea's soundtrack, which is a good thing. I can't remember the names, but it reminds me a lot of it. It's not that I disliked your choice of samples or arranging but I'm under the assumption you want to at some point submit to OCR. My impression of OCR is that they'd want more re-interpretation. If the production were cleaned up, I'd definitely enjoy listening to it just as a tune on its own though
  13. neblix loves FL. He REALLY loves FL. I still have a several-page long PM 'debate' between him and me from months ago.. and I just wanted to try out Reason and decide for myself. I guess that's unacceptable. But neblix, you win in the end. I may not be an esteemed artist, but I only use FL now. Whatever Reason's strengths are.. I just couldn't deal with the slowwwww workflow. FL spoiled me.
  14. It is a fantastic game I'm working on widening the mix out, as you said. I've never used panning in my mixes, but panning the pan flute (nice coincidence) does already make it feel 'bigger'. I'm really glad you introduced me to that song there. That shifted my inspiration for this mix a bit because I think the melody and what I have so far does lend itself to that kind of chill-yet-hard electronica. Now I want to integrate more of a 'UNTZ. UNTZ. UNTZ.' rhythm .. hopefully that's what you were nudging me towards! I'm also really tempted to use some soft vocals, but that may be imitating 'Halcyon On and On' too much. Thanks for the advice and encouragement. I work kind of slow, but I'll be back with an updated version
  15. Aww.. I'm not going to MAG. Someone post who won after the event, if you would.
  16. Never mind. Found what I needed.
  17. I'll make one. Dunno how I keep missing these... if you're not viewing at MagFest, feel like pushing the deadline up a bit?
  18. This. Is. Sick. It's like... digital ambient. I don't know what to suggest other than for you to stay awesome.
  19. Nutritious, he has a link to the tindeck version in the YT description --> http://www.tindeck.com/listen/jduu Sounds awesome. I'm clueless about OCR judging, but it's good enough for a download fo sho. EDIT: Mind if I ask where you got the violin samples? Or is that recorded?
  20. For anyone who doesn't know, Jeanne D'Arc is an SRPG pretty similar to FF Tactics: War of the Lions (but it's better IMO). The soundtrack is mostly blah, but I always liked the title screen music a lot. What I have so far may be somewhat too loose of an adaptation for OCR.. maybe. I only have 2 minutes done. I'm really not sure what genre you'd call this, but I'm going for "chill" with an occasional Eastern vibe. I don't have any EQ done for individual channels because I suck at it (EDIT: I attempted EQ!). If anyone is willing to give me some tips through Skype about EQ that'd be awesome. Here ya go.. Remix: http://www.tindeck.com/listen/szzk Source:
  21. A little birdy told me I got a $50 Gamestop card in the mail. Thanks, MaxFrost.. I honestly love gift cards/money more than anything >_>
  22. lol. I haven't worked on a song since that WIP. I should remedy that.
  23. I get paid the 31st... been wanting Sitar Nation for many weeks and can't pass this up! Hurry up, paycheck. EDIT: How is this accomplished? Anyone have Hans Zimmer's cell? >_>
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