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  1. Gawd, you're talented. And a year younger than me. A little depressing XD
  2. I've never heard a song quite like that. Very interesting. It feels a bit too staccato for me, and it feels like it needs some swing. It's hard to judge the vocals because they're so heavily filtered, but it sounded pretty cool to me. The vocal arrangement wasn't too ambitious, but I think you accomplished what you were trying to do. After listening a second time, it's still enjoyable to me. Not bad work in my opinion, but I'm still in newb territory. Someone experienced will come along here soon to give you more feedback I'm sure. In any case, keep making music! I look forward to seeing more of you around :]
  3. On a serious note, awesome work. I loved just hanging around those clubs in ME2... until that Batarian jerk poisoned my drink in that one club (the one with your song?) He was just mad 'cause he's ugly...
  4. Sweet, I'll definitely make those tweaks. I'll have to do some deciphering with the EQ lingo, though.. I'm still pretty new to composing. It's been only two months since I first opened an audio program, but I'm learning something new every day :] Also, a note about this mix: The warm section and the industrial sections will be completely separate in the video (because it's a score, not a song) so don't worry about smooth transitions. That's why the transition is so sudden in my preview here. You'll see when I get the video portion done! That won't be for a good while though.. gonna take at least a couple days just to set up all the technical aspects of the project, such as modding, capturing, creating scenes in the Sandbox. Really excited about it.. EDIT: Some quick tweaks done before heading to bed. More verb added to the pad. Added some mids and highs... will fix it up more tomorrow. EDIT2: The pad in the industrial section drives me nuts. Every time it's played it plays in a different way! I hate samples that are randomized like that >< EDIT3: Industrial section draft complete. Any feedback before I call it finished? (first post links updated)
  5. I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite composer on the forums.
  6. I've wanted to do something with Crysis for the LONGEST time. I have a nice rig, and I can kinda sorta max it out with the help of heavy modding. So anyway, a while back I started making a preview video for some dumb Crysis Machinima I was doing and while taking that footage realized how amazing the scenery is by itself.. without the help of actors or gunfights. So it's been a few months now, and I started to think it would be really cool to create a really immersive video with these overwhelmingly cool shots inside the Crysis sandbox. I decided I want the video to show the two sides of Crysis.. nature and those war-like machine aliens. For nature, I wanted the music to be beautiful, warm, and chill. For the aliens, I wanted some aggressive industrial ambience. I'm pretty sure I know the sandbox well enough to have the aliens fly in swarms and have those giant ones walking and attacking too. I even have some nuclear bomb mods that, if my rig can handle, would make you crap your pants. So here's a preview of the track I'm working on. If you have any ideas on how to give either ambience more impact, I'd like to know. I want it to be overwhelming in a good way! If you have any ideas for the video portion of the project as well, I'd love to hear those. EDIT: Hm, already noticing a problem. On my speakers, the track sounds much clearer. On my headphones (they're cheap but I still use them for listening to music) it sounds very muddy. I don't get that.. Early preview version: http://soundcloud.com/exobyte/crysis-nature-and-conquerer-preview CONQUERER section: http://soundcloud.com/exobyte/crysis-nature-and-conquerer-conquerer
  7. If it's really something special, Kotaku would write a post about it and you know what kind of insane traffic they get. So I'd get hold of them at some point for sure. I've made reviews in the past, but it's purely a hobby. It's one of those lame 300-subscriber YouTube channel operations, but if you feel like allowing me a pre-release copy I'll make a video review. Sometimes under-the-radar games can net any YouTube schmoe thousands of views, like the Risen one I made with about 35k views. The big company video reviewers don't cover them.
  8. I'm pretty much driving without a license... hitting every tree I pass. P.S. This metaphor is fun.
  9. Craigslist style. Cool. My bad, sorry for being lazy, oops, etc. Didn't even know you were keeping a list in the first post.
  10. Oh, wasn't aware this was a formal thing. For sale: PSP (Black Go model) * Excellent condition * With original box * Yellow and black VGA backplate (looks cool) * Official Two-in-one Charger/USB cable included Games Included... - Dissidia - Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - Patapon 2 - LittleBigPlanet - Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness - Rock Band: Unplugged (with about 20 DLC songs) - God of War: Chains of Olympus Price: $220 (averages out to $10 per game)
  11. EDIT: Accidentally made new post. Edited version above.
  12. Not sure how to take that XD Electronic music of the 90s to me is like the beta version of today's electronic. But yeah, the piano gets cheesy as heck to me too. Good thing I have plenty of similar samples :] The kick will go, and even though the sidechaining was intentionally extreme I'll tone that down too. And, yes, I feel like the bass is never how I want it. When I listen to professional songs I don't know how they keep it so separate. I'll have to look into that! Thanks for your help.
  13. I have two layered samples for the bass drum, one being a subby sound, and also two layers for the sidechaining synth, one being a pure sub sound only. So it sounds like you're spot on about the compression. I'll take out the sub-only synth and replace the bass drums with a trance kick. I can't find one anywhere in my libraries, but it looks like its easy to synthesize a basic one. Part of the problem is that I want smooth transitions, but I don't know how to achieve them. I keep doing the 'sudden pause, re-introduce chorus' thing because of that. I probably just need to plan more ahead on my arrangements than trying to do it on-the-fly. Thanks, I appreciate you being so thorough. You mentioned some things I knew were bad and other I didn't realize, which is why feedback is so important to me. P.S. The instrumental outro thing was inspired by a couple older songs that I can't remember the names of.. they might be by Colplay, Savage garden, or The Verve. If you know what those songs might be, let me know because I haven't found them yet :[ I just remember that transformation into instrumental being so overwhelmingly epic to me. I'd like to make it my 'thing' when I figure out how to do it a little more smoothly :]
  14. I really just want to know if they do a lot of Drum n Bass and wasn't sure where or who to ask.
  15. Posted this up a little while ago and got no feedback. I took that as bad news, but I really just don't care anymore. I'd rather it be shredded in the OCR forums than rot in a corner on YouTube. It's trance-ish style and my third finished song since I started teaching myself electronic music 2 months ago. I used the intro segment of "Last Dungeon" and ditched the style in the original completely, so I'm not sure if it's a proper remix. Source: Mix: http://soundcloud.com/exobyte/skies-remix-last-dungeon
  16. Well I'm jealous you get to work with a vocal track. Would be nice if we had wives to sing for our mixes too, eh? But uh, your mix was enjoyable. The sidechained high pitched thing does kind of draw attention to itself as odd, but I could chill to this. That's all the feedback I'll give because I'm very much new to electronic music and OCR.
  17. Has someone said this is ballsy and admirable of SEGA yet? Can... I say it? It's so ballsy of them. Also, did you guys know SEGA is big in the Pachinko (gambling) industry? Yeah, lately they've been losing a lot of money because of that.
  18. Edit: Never mind, I see melody's arcadia mix down there now Very nice.
  19. Got my new GIF sig up. Oooh, shiny :]

  20. I came across a crazy weird source I thought you might like, Proto. The icing on the cake is that the game is called Ballz: Also, this is an amazing mix. I will play it at my wedding.
  21. I really hope this book lives up to your hype. It's becoming more and more apparent to me how much I suck at mixing XD
  22. Just follow the link in my sig. All my music is unfinished/fail. SIGH.
  23. Regarding this lack of submissions predicament, I did start writing something but then got bored of it but I guess I can finish it up.
  24. Edit: Alrighty, removed for apparent awfulness XD Will try again.
  25. It stands for Blue Rogues Against Valuan Empire. It was originally just RAVE, but I think the former has a little more personality to it. I've been working on this for 2 days straight, and I'm to the point where my ears are so shot that I can't tell what sounds good or bad anymore so I need to take at least a full day's break from working on this. In the meantime, I figured it would be a good time to get feedback from y'all. Like I said, it could be horrible or decent. I can't tell anymore and I need to know. The source is "Last Dungeon": And here's my Trance (is it?) mix so far. It's only about 3 minutes, but I'd like it to be at least 4 so I'm not done. Note: If you heard the abomination that was my first Skies of Arcadia mix, just pretend that never happened. http://soundcloud.com/exobyte/skies-of-arcadia-last-dungeon-remix-wip And now I cross my fingers hoping it doesn't suck. EDIT: And now I think it sucks.
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