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  1. Mario doing the Moonwalk!!! http://mariomoon.ytmnd.com/
  2. Awesome TO THE MAX!!! I can imagine Mario going into the castle. He sees some bad guys ready to fight him, so he goes and fights them. Then, Mario reaches Bowser Koopa's lair and starts to fight him, eventually Bowser gets killed and buried on a hill.
  3. Sweet remix you got here! It sounds very spooky, I can just picture Mario riding on Yoshi going into the forest. Yoshi sees all the creepy stuff happening around the forest and clings onto Mario to protect him. Kinda like Scooby Doo clinging onto Shaggy when Scooby Doo gets scared.
  4. Cool remix! It sounds like something Mario and Luigi could sip hot cocoa to cozy up next to a fire place.
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