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  1. So all we get for free this year is a... noise maker?...
  2. What bothers you more, the firs Spy's ignorance or the honor among thieves? Oh shi- do you think the second Spy thought he was a friend?
  3. Does anyone know what the abusive servers were doing that was considered abuse? The blog post didn't really elaborate.
  4. I thought that was a real car at first so my thought process went something like, "Hey that's cool." "Wait, he made this? Does he make cars or something?" "He doesn't seem all that proud of it for someone who made a car." "oh its a video game."
  5. Viaduct is literally one of the worst choices I could think of personally..
  6. euuggh come on update, get out already!
  7. Gamemaster's spooky unusual effects made it into Night of the Living Update.
  8. and the first year was the 29th, so they have a history of putting it closer to Halloween than further.
  9. Just a friendly reminder, there is such a thing as Spectate mode.
  10. Joke's on them, they have to spend $5 every time they want to re-customize their dick weaponry.
  11. The previous Halloween updates were all much closer to Halloween than right now, so give it time, it will show up.
  12. There's a Scout hat that looks good. What.
  13. Arrowshot is a really good Scout, why is he only a 'Creature'?
  14. I liked the newest blog post. Reminds me that I really wish I would take the time to develop some artistic talent.
  15. anyone wanna do the Portal 2 dlc with me = |
  16. When I first connected I had really bad lag for a few minutes but after that I didn't have lag for the rest of the night.
  17. Has the lag died down since the other day? It was pretty bad.
  18. I didn't even think about that one. I've never really played console FPS' so I don't know a lot about them.
  19. I was watching a video recently and one of the things that kept popping up was the huge difficulty curve on Red Orchestra 2 (haven't played it personally) compared to a lot of other games. That got me thinking, do you consider TF2 a game with an easy or hard difficulty curve? My first instinct was that it has an easy curve. I remember when I first started playing, everything was easily recognizable and identifiable and I don't recall any particular aspect of the game being hard to figure out. There could be finer details that are much harder to learn (Rocket jumping for newbies, playing Spy) BUT, I noticed after TF2 went Free to play that some people I know to be FPS players didn't really catch on with TF2 very well. They played it a lot then just stopped completely, which leads me to wonder if its more difficult than I realize or if them being console gamers (gamepad vs. keyboard) hurt.
  20. I think they're pretty much obligated to.
  21. Me either. I've put this off for far too long! http://steamcommunity.com/id/cinderwild
  22. I thought PropHunt was really fun the other night. Cyberpunk sucks though.
  23. He said it starts this Friday. I never knew you could change your prop at any time.
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