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  1. I don't...what is...what the Hell? I can barely catch every source tune in your mix, but this all sounds cohesive...what in the Hell? If you sold your soul to Satan for being able to cohesively mix six different tunes together, then you certainly got your money's worth! Taken on its own merits, this is the first OCremix song in some time to actually catch my ear (not that the others aren't deserving of merit, just that they weren't quite built for me). This, on the other hand? No, seriously, how in the Hell did you do this and still have it work?
  2. This mix screams Dream Theater, only I like the distortion on this mix's guitars a helluva lot better than the slightly muffled, crunchy sound that Dream Theater uses.
  3. I've been using OCRemix for over four years now, in silence. I've only created a forum account now because I had to say that after one listen, this is now my favorite song from this site, and is one of the most sublime pieces of new music I have heard in years. (And yes, I've got the rest of bLiNd's songs, too. Still like this one the best.)
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