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  1. sounds pretty cool and wild, not entirely my cup of tea off of the first listen but that's likely just because I don't know the source
  2. I heard an instrumental remix of this, then I looked up the source, then I googled Ocremix. This is simply amazing and hardcore. I've never played the game but you can do battle to this in any game
  3. There's a lot of music from the new Sonic games that I'd love to see remixes for but my current fascination are the Asian inspired ones like in Aquarium Park (from Sonic Colors) and Chun-Nan (from Sonic Unleashed) Source: (they're not 15 minutes long, but its been looped to appear that way) Aquarium Park Act 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKGTTiQO13o&feature=related Aquarium Park Map http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaE_6wdEghI&feature=related I included those just to show the different ways this track can be taken. And this is Chun Nan And if someone was just bored, I wonder what someone from here could do. Perhaps a medley that changes tempo throughout the song like its changing acts. Or perhaps a combination of say Chun Nan night with Aquarium Park map (I'm not sure if that would work but if it did, I think it would sound cool). As for genre, I have no particular requests. Any kind is fine I guess. Some people have even written lyrics for Aquarium Part Act 1 (in the comments) if someone wanted to try singing to it. Well that's all I've got really.
  4. I picked TODAY of all days to go through all my songs, OCR included, and adjust the tags in WMP... why... But, I love the new design!
  5. wow... I wonder will they try to "fix" this? I mean nothing is really wrong with it.
  6. incredibly weird but incredibly good as well. I love how unique it is and the spins you put on the classic Mario enemies
  7. I'm not 100% sure if this is the proper section so forgive me if it isn't. But this is music related...of sorts. http://techcrunch.com/2010/11/29/google-beatbox/ Example: http://www.fazed.org/out/?id=18359 Anybody creative enough to make a song outta this? lol...
  8. It's been awhile since I've been here. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't quoted while I was gone Though this has sort of turned into a Sonic 4 love/hate thread, I just wanna say I'll probably never play Sonic 4 because its a downloadable game anyway. I'll give colors a shot if I'm able. I like that post. As far as what I've seen of that Sonic 4 video talking about the physics, anyone consider, maybe...just maybe Sonic got better shoes? Or finally learned to control his speed a little more since the third game? I'm not joking about the shoes bit though. It's happened before.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonic_Labyrinth I'M NOT ALONE AFTER ALL!
  9. I'm still streaming it lol. I'll be going to class soon but it seems worth the space I don't have a iPhone or iPad but way to go on going the extra mile.
  10. I'm checking this out. File size is rawr though. Even though I suppose I have plenty of space I'm still not used to 400+mb stuff lol. I went for the VBR mp3 because it was a little smaller and I didn't feel like going for OGG. It's a lot of music that seems good so its understandable. I love the sample music player you have on the home page. I probably wouldn't have downloaded if I couldn't hear some previews ahead of time.
  11. I haven't played either as well, and probably won't for a long time. But in the end, all I care about is whether it is fun for me or not and most of them have been. lol that happened to me in one of the Sonic the Hedgehog (Game Gear) bonus stages on SADX. I was stuck in an endless loop of bouncing between the wall and the bumper.
  12. Well SA2B is probably my favorite but if I compare it to say Sonic Unleashed, very few of the Sonic levels felt as fast as those in Sonic Unleashed and Knuckles/Rouge levels were simply ok to me compared to the werehog where I could go full on combat like.
  13. I was going to make my own topic trying to see who actually likes current Sonic but I think its better if this post just gets lost among all the "current Sonic stuff is crap" sentiment. While I respect the opinions of all the old Sonic fans (and new ones that like the old games better). I want to know. Is there ANYONE out there besides me that doesn't mind 3d Sonic games (that already exist?). My first TRUE owned Sonic game was Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. I went forwards and backwards from there. With SADX I got to play some of the original game gear versions. I haven't played every new Sonic game (especially spin offs) but I never really had any of the problems with the ones I have played. I liked Unleashed (PS2). I enjoyed the day and the night levels. They reminded me of the Knuckles stages from SA2B just with more fighting. I love SA2B (obviously) and SADX. I never really had any complaints with Sonic Heroes and I DID like shooting things in Shadow the Hedgehog. Are the current games just really not fun or is everyone caught up with just not liking them because they aren't the same as the old days? I can play Halo and fall through a floor (heck its an accepted glitch in Blood Gulch). I can play Super Mario 64 DS and its A-OK that you have multiple characters in that game. Final Fantasy XIII is more linear than all of the ones before (so I hear). Resident Evil 4+ went with an over-the-shoulder camera. So all of these franchises can add gimmicks or gameplay changing things and its considered the series evolving but whenever Sonic does it, it's wrong... If I have one complaint...it's chao garden's don't exist anymore...
  14. ah, you are quite right. Except that IP part. I never was saying a person had to the right to use it as if it were their IP. I was originally talking about personal use.
  15. Well, that's only a technicality for me anyway since I use Guvera someone else paid for it lol... But still, when people buy games, they buy everything on the disc... In the end, I say forget all of this, I wish some game companies would step up and get on the buying single song stuff or releasing their soundtracks free (especially for older games). Non interference is great but it still causes problems like I think a single composer once caused KHInsider to take down all of their music. Obviously there is no question as to whether they should've been hosting the music in the first place, but because no company really says NO or YES, events like that can happen. Imagine, Nintendo one day saying all of the original super mario bros songs could be downloaded for free from their site perhaps to promote the next Mario game..
  16. Personally, I kind of think the same thing about the pay for the game = paid for the music already (I kind of wrote it before but meh...too long). But now I just thought of another way of looking at this. If I applied the same thinking to the games models, that probably wouldn't be quite right. I mean buying say Halo Reach and being able to use the models for free... Though as someone else wrote, if this was all just for personal use, I think it should still be ok. It's like when you buy DRM free music.
  17. I'd like to clarify two things, first I don't know any other words to use to mention what normal music is (non video game music or mainstream music) so sorry if I seem to be repeating myself. Second, I'm not going to justify or condemn uploading VGMusic to youtube (though I probably do seem to favor one side over the other). I'm glad I read your post before replying. It seems that the gaming industry is fairly lenient about this. I won't say he was in the right of course for uploading copyrighted content but based off of this, it seems VGM composers still haven't changed their mostly non interfering stance. Personally, I think VGM is in a different class anyway. Take something like Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. I own that game. They have a full sound test on that disk and when I was younger I used to leave the TV on on sound test just to listen to "live and learn", "it doesn't matter", etc etc. With games, you kind of pay for all of the content in them, including the music, with normal CDs, you are paying for songs and nothing else. I think with games you already paid for the music in all honesty. And yes, this reasoning breaks down a bit given all games don't have sound test type things or full versions of the tracks in them but in general the music was made to enhance the games, not just for the sake of making music (to sell). Also unlike normal music, it can be hard to find soundtracks period for video game music whether you want to purchase it legally or not. I'm looking at play-asia right now and all things for "Ai no Uta" (Pikmin single) are sold out/out of print. And no company I know of offers single downloads of songs like that. So if you even wanted to listen to the song, you couldn't. And often times, I wouldn't want a whole album. I'd just want a song or two (Sorry Amy, I don't really like your theme ^-^. So even a site like guvera.com (yeah, there IS free music, EMI even references them on their site), doesn't touch video game music. If I wanted to use my free credits there to support the VGM industry, I couldn't...because there is no such an option. Not even on amazon.com can I get single tracks to pay for them out of pocket. This is why I'm always glad for sites like OCRemix with original yet different free remixes or when companies do things like Sega is doing with Sonic The Hedgehog 4 and actually releasing the soundtrack free and promoting some of the best remixes (in their blog). No one loses when there's options like this. I didn't visit SilvaGunner's channel a lot but I was glad it was there for when I was in a mood to listen to "The Dark Messenger" or "Vamo alla Flamenco". Oh, and I know from a friend about getting copyright notices from people other than the original company. The problem with a counterclaim on that on OBVIOUSLY infringing content is that even if you get it back, it would probably then be taken down by the original company if you can't delete your video fast enough. And there is the threat of a "court summons". So all I can say is thanks to SilvaGunner for what he did. A small cry will echo through the internet as thousands of links will now show up as "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation."
  18. Perhaps? I never played MGS so my vote was biased from the start
  19. now I can finally go to your site and just search "Pokemon"
  20. And to make even more money, add characters who just appeared on a Nintendo system. I learned Team Rocket is a better villain than Revolver Ocelot. http://www.gamespot.com/greatest-video-game-villain/vote/battle-hub/index.html?battle_id=29
  21. I can't believe it. I haven't come across a lot of his work but I absolutely loved "Ascension to Cosmo Canyon". And I listened to Medley from Naruto on loop for hours as I tried to finish my English papers before the end of the school semester last spring. It was great calming music that kept me focused while the pressure kept piling up. Those songs were amazing and this is a sad loss because I know he would've done more.
  22. That no matter what special ability you have, whether it is controlling time, space, darkness, etc, you will never be able to escape a 10 year old with a master ball.(Pokemon)
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