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  1. Not sure if you got it, but I sent you an email lol (: Easier to contact me that way; I keep forgetting to check here lol!

  2. Oh man, I didn't even see your comment until just now Dx I hope it's not too late, because I'd love to help you out O:

    And thank you x3

  3. *poke*

    Are you ever going to respond? lol

    You can send me a message when I'm not online, y'know. I'm in and out of every website I'm on xD

  4. Oooooh, it's very interesting o:

  5. I wish I could mike GIFs >.

    Heh, I would be posting more, but since I joined I've been loaded down with homework @.@

    But now that the weekend's here, I can check everything out. :D

  6. Hi o.o

    I see you in almost every thread I visit, lol xD Your sig always catches my eye!

  7. Well, I can certainly give it my best try! As for how the quality turns out, I can't really make any promises... =x

    What song are you thinking of?

  8. Hey! I saw your post in the Hylian Melodies thread, and checked out your music due to curiosity. Thought I'd stop by and say that you're really good! Definitely keep it up =D

  9. Hello there n_n

    I'm not too sure if this is still needed, but I saw your post in the forums. Something about needing a female vocalist?

    I'd love to help out if you still need someone (:

  10. Ohh, haha, tis what I get for scanning as opposed to actually reading, lol

    Thanks! ^-^

  11. Umm, hi n_n;

    Seeing as how I'm incredibly new, I have no clue how CMCs work...I was just wondering if the entries had to be original compositions, or if they could be remixes, or something along those lines?

    Sorry if this seems to be a very silly question n_n;

  12. Dude, I gotta say, I looooove your signature O:

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