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  1. Quite literally my only wish is that it was longer, so that I wouldn't have to keep hitting replay This is one of the 3 songs out of all of oc remix (yes I've nearly listend to them all) That can bring out emotions so perfectly and clearly. One of three that can make me cry because of the beauty created. Thank you Reuben Kee You've created something truly beautiful to share with the world. Thank you
  2. Man, epic job on this piece. I was listening to for the first time while working i played it on youtube and had clicked the link without paying attention to what game this came from. at about 1:00 to 1:10 where the drums Come in I was thinking "Man I wish somebody would do a Remix like this For Donkey Kong it would fit it so amazingly....Sad that they haven't...." and then that's when i heard the melody and figured out it was not just donkey kong but one of my favorite songs and parts of the game!!! It was fantastic. I love this Piece it makes me happy inside I enjoyed the Drums and feel that they were placed well. I agree that in some places there could be more but over all I felt that you used them but didn't abuse them and it fit the piece fantastically I also loved the movement from instument to instrument it was very fluid and nice and I felt that you chose each instrument to convey the feeling at any particular part pretty much perfectly, the mysterious, the calm, the anxious, and all the beauty in between It was an astounding piece and deffinately going in my collection thank you Very much for this Beautifully epic mix