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  1. Juhuuu more of Seiken Densetsu 3 probably my all time favorite RPG, not to say game. I'm always excited when I see some new SD3 coverage pop up and this one did not disappoint. I'm very into piano stuff recently and this remix was just plain awesome, so thanks for this amazing track
  2. This is beyond amazing, great job everyone, now you've done it, I'm hyped as fuck for the Milkyway Wishes, can't wait to hear the whole album
  3. FF6 Tunes are my second favorite VGM (first being SD3 ) and it'd be awesome if i get to meet him
  4. 2:12 till about 2:40 was soooooooo X Japan lol and the drums of course. Anyways awesome remix from Sixto as usual, even though I'm totally biased towards him since Obsession Nocturnal was my first OCR listen and SD3 probably my favorite game of all time so yeah, +1 for a remix influenced by X Japan also one of my favorites.
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