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  1. Damned: The item dropping glitch is mostly because, like damage, boats, etc, theres a lot of things handled client side that haven't been moved over to server side (since notch apparently is writing the games multiplayer backwards). Its nothing that will break the server: The server doesn't HANDLE it. I just started running the server so I dont know the details about what the duping does and what problems it caused. I got my info from fireslash, who himself isn't sure if its still a problem or not. He had asked people not to dupe, so we were too. This was a rule that was instated before the server migration, when the halloween patch came out. I don't really know what all the fuss is about though, I can't see anywhere in the thread were anybody has been directly hostile towards you. Most people are joking around actually. Calm down a bit! I'm sorry that you feel the game is limiting your creation, but as the above poster stated: We just dont want the server to come crashing down. This new one isn't exactly as stable as the last one, we hit RAM ceilings a few times our first few days, though Multiplay has fixed that for now
  2. NeoForte: Says you're already on there are you having problems?
  3. oops, sorry about that Torzelan, should be in there now
  4. I'd love to make screenshots showing progress in general too, whats the best program to do either/or? I'm making backups each night Edit: Speaking of, server down for backups, had a weird message so im downloading the backups locally out of paranoia lol. Server will be back up (hopefully) soon Edit2: Back up! Slots to 8, well see how it goes.
  5. strangely, minecraft.fireslash.net takes me to a different server? Not sure whats up, please use
  6. Their customer service has made some adjustments, apparently everybodies minecraft servers were having some issues, im going to up it back to 7 and see what happens! Server has been restarted and ready to go
  7. Once we verify this is going to work out, we'll be upping the slot count
  8. Still looking into the issue, but for now just so nobody losses any more progress, capped the server to 4. Seems we had the most problems when 6/7 people were trying to be on simultaneously, and like Fireslash had feared, i dont think they are allocating enough memory for the game. Its not that its crashing, the log says Im using too much memory and they are resetting me :/ Oh well, i've sent a support ticket, and had good customer service so far, so either A) They will up how much memory we are allowed, or I will purchase more slots (if that will allocate more) and then just cap the players lower to prevent going over like I am now.
  9. okay whitelist is up i think Backup of the map is up, but it looks like everybodies /home is reset, sorry :/ I've got the mod for /home and the bucket fix, not sure what else i need, but everythings good so far!
  10. well if anybody wants to test the server while I'm still trying to get the backup working, just be warned, this is a very temporary setup, when i do get the backup working (hopefully), this temp world will be gone. It looks like this thing has all the server mods we need and than some so I think we'll be in good shape. Im testing 8 player max, if it looks like we're in good shape i'll bump it up with or without dontations. Just testing the waters here Edit: Server down until i can get the backup restored, seems to be crashing the server Edit2: Seems like the kind folks over at Multiplay were helping me get my backup working and i kept deleting their work. So hopefully that means it will work!
  11. on Multiplay? Looks like its $116 USD with a 20% discount for a year. I wasn't going to quite buy a whole year though, not yet at least
  12. Yeah, I can either just help get the server started, or if nobody is willing, I guess me and Gman could set up a server ourselves on Multiplay and invite you guys. Hopefully the backup would be provided, if not we'd have to start over but the server is kinda started over anyways at this point. If nobody says yay or nay i'll probably just do the latter soon. Edit: If Multiplay sounds like a trusted service to you guys.
  13. Well, I could spare $10 if it would help get the server started up on that multiplay thing
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