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  1. Well, Multiplay has offered to give me a slot on the San Antonio servers since they've been upgraded to SSDs, there is no ETA on the Dallas server, so I am going to shut down the server, do another back up, and then upload the backup to the SA server. Wish me luck Edit: For those who keep arguing the game was ready for Beta.. the server software apparently is so entirely broken, it can not be ran alongside other copies of games (see OCR not being able to host it anymore) and especially other copies of minecraft (see terrible, terrible lag issues on non-SSDs on Multiplay) Its fine i guess if you dedicate an entire machine to it, but its broken otherwise. You have to use Solid State Drives because the I/O portion of the software is so broken. I honestly think it broke their hard drive at this point. These kind of issues really should be looked into before moving onto another stage of the game, they weren't unknown, Multiplay spoke with notch about it who he himself confirmed it was a known issue, but apparently has not fixed. Or made it worse. Oh well maybe it will be fixed by final (probably not)
  2. experiencing some technical difficulties, trying to get it back up EDIT: trying to do a backup almost broke the server... our server is very sick or Minecraft is very broken or both. Multiplay is going to be looking into why the Dallas servers have not been updated yet on monday, because they too were expecting it to be updated with SA last week or so. Apparently theres only 2 servers left not on SSDs, LA and Dallas... lucky us! Hang in there everybody Also, the server is NOT responding very well while the backup is running, you may not be able to connect, you may not stay on. Sorry Edit2: Backup finished, now we're back to regularly terrible lag Edit3: Made use of that terrible event, new map!
  3. Not yet. I would of thought since San Antonio got there's we would get ours shortly but no word yet. And don't worry about Brushfire everybody, he is not important.
  4. Not much... just Beta and lag really.
  5. I just want to remind everybody that Brushfire's buildings are gone. Forever. And he is banned.
  6. Yes Brush, everything you worked on will be gone. Everybody else should be fine. They are going to clone everything over. Except for Brush's. I also have a backup should they somehow lose everything (i doubt). Except for Brush's.
  7. They updated the San Antonio servers today, we are on a Dallas server, so hopefully that means we're up for it really soon
  8. Our server is scheduled to receive solid state drives this has eliminated lag for the most part on alpha so this should still work for beta. We will just have to deal with it until then. They have arrived in the states so should hopefully be installed sometime this week
  9. Not related to our server in anyway but hey look at this: Edit: Also, ironically, someone took stuff from Abadoss this time. This wasn't in a community chest but his own chests. It could be a server glitch, but if i find someone with a stack of diamond blocks they didn't have before, I am going to question why IF there is such a creature who did this, i suggest returning said item
  10. Aba: You are the only one. And you don't count anymore, map ruiner. j/k lol Everybody: Let me know if the lag is any better
  11. Theres a mod simular to Torch Light called Flashlight that i'm testing out now. it works in SMP, so you can type /flashlight and any torch you hold will light the way Server appears horribly laggy at the moment, wasn't like this earlier, i think people are just excited to play on MPUK since they havn't for the last 5 days and it may be bogging downt he servers. Just my theory
  12. Is it superjoe30? If so added. So far everyone has vorted ok to creepers. Guess well be testing them later
  13. Well, we got a Christmas present from Hey0 and Multiplay today, Hey0 mod 132 for Beta came out, and Multiplay promptly has it going, even restarted the server for me. Merry Christmas! I'll work on adding the new people to the white list Monsters are working a LOT better then the last time i tested them, they even appear when teleporting, so if people want i may leave them on. For now until i can test them some more, im going to turn them off (damage is off too). Do we want creepers freely roaming if we turn monsters on perminately? You guys decide Edit: Also, Christmas Capes!
  14. Doesn't look like Hey0 has returned yet, so we're still out. Oh well, everybody enjoy your Christmas!
  15. Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!
  16. oops, broke my own naming scheme, Fixed it It would be cool not only if they updated the Torch mod for beta, but made it work for Multiplayer
  17. Its a possibility that the Hey0 team might release something before the 24th, but we're only 2 days away now anyways. I uploaded the new map
  18. It looks like hey0 is not going to be able to release the official mod until he gets back on the 24th :/
  19. Define "Working"? Unless theres some magical version of the server that everything works, there was a terrible problem with invisible enemies caused by teleporting from what little testing we did with it. Even when you could see them, their range was impossible to hurt them without taking damage, and they didn't seem to die. Combine this with terrible lag issues, and its just a mess. Until things work as they should, they will be kept off. Its not fun in the least I'll test it again with the next update to see if things have improved We DO perfer not having damage/enemies though. Would be nice for the Creative to be implemented at some point again
  20. EDIT: Blast from the Past! Updated for Christmas 2013! I've corrected a few links. I have a small collection of my own of things I've found, thought I'd share and maybe get other people to post This is a thread for (primarly) Holiday/Christmas music, either videogame remixes or chiptune versions of classics. Primary Examples: Albums: The 8bits of Christmas (Various, 8bitpeoples) ( 2003 ) 8bit Jesus (DoctorOctoroc) ( 2008 ) Merry Pixmas - PixelMod Records ( 2008 ) 8bit Christmas (RushCoil) ( 2009 ) 8bit Xmas Compilation 2010 (Various) ( 2010 ) Big Giant Christmas (Big Giant Circles) ( 2011 ) Carols of the 2A03 - RushJet1 ( 2011 ) Singles: Super Mario Sleigh Ride - Super Mario World (The One Ups) ( 2002 ) Merry Little Christmas - Christmas NiGHTS (Dale North) ( 2009 ) Special Mention: (Not all Christmas song specific remixes, but some here too) OCR Christmas Albums! Get ya in the holiday spirits!
  21. Added MikeInk and ErrorY to the whitelist Let you know what you guys think of La Flatulence / reggaeZ Gollgagh, I'm going to have to disagree with the fact this is not a MSG4 thread. Honestly, MC is a MSG4 clone if you think about it
  22. Yeah, I'm actually pretty excited about that, that should make the game a lot more playable really
  23. HS: Features in single player is a good example of what should be intended, multiplayer should have that, plus more. Mobs are there as intended because thats how SSP plays, and its a default option. Some people dont want mobs so thats why theres a switch to turn them off, since there is not a Creative mode yet anyways. I dont know how thats vague. It seems you're really reaching here for ways to twist words. Also you're just splitting hairs about the difference between breaking an aspect of the game and breaking the game. Theres hardly any difference, especially when one leads to the other. And again, its not just the range of mobs, though thats a problem for sure, its the range combined with the fact they are sometimes INVISIBLE lol. Range i could deal with, though still broken from a gameplay prospective, but how do you deal with invisible deaths? Author: As far as the invisible mobs go its a client issue that happens if the mob doesn't spawn on your local client you can't see it.you can see mobs that spawned around you but not others. I don't thinks its out rageous to ask for something small as that to be fixed but it certainly ruins the game if its left as is. Both: Well I guess well have to agree to disagree because apparently my expectations are too high or others are just way too low. Again my definition of Beta (when theres an Alpha phase, and several other phases before it) would be "done but needs extensive testing to find bugs" not "everything is still not done, and things that are here are broke", etc. But alas, these conversations just wind up "ME: well thats broken" "others: NO THATS OKAY AND YOU ARE DUMB" heh In good news notch appears to be working on visible armor (another broken feature I forgot) and interpolation (client side lag prediction) if that makes it in before beta it would make the game far more playable broke or no and may fix the super mob reach issue as a side effect. Id say all tnat plus the server side inventory would make it closer to beta quality if he can pull it off and not break everything Also clearly his name is MikeInc what kind of name is MattInc?
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