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  1. MPUK has adopted the unofficial hMod 134 for now until Bukkit is completed. Not all our plugins are back, but most of the good basic hMod stuff like name colors, warps and tp are back. Im testing to see what else works Death Notify unfortunately spams text now so disabling Im going to skip Adventure Mod Minecart Mania is broken, im not sure to remove it or not, now when you enter a cart you go INFINATELY, and cant /brake (lol). The station buttons do not work but having infinate traveling carts is kinda nifty in its own way Flashlight is working! IRC bot is working! (THANK GOODNESS!) Realms is working so FAR but i have to reset up the zones, so for now creepers off everywhere /homes have been reset again so make sure you do a /sethome but warps are back if you need a shortcut
  2. So far the only ones who suggested a restart are people who havn't played in a while / ever =P New map is up.. missed a spot :/
  3. I dont think many of the long-timers would be interested in a restart. I have spent a lot of time trimming the map off of parts that were generated but never used, so now they can regenerate if anybody chooses to walk to them again (please dont make giant 1000 mile trips though) If anybody wants their section of the world completely deleted, it can be arranged. Like Brushfire's The old map is now back on the server (minus my edits) , whitelist was thankfully added by MPUK so no more strangers, but i have no way to stop creepers from spawning. If something very important gets completely destroyed, I have backups and MCEdit to help out I was pretty careful with my editing, but if i deleted anybodies stuff, let me know Except Brushfire. Edit: Also note that since this is vanilla, i have no way to make colored names, reservation lists, or anything. No addons, just plain MC crappy server. I can still give the donators stuff if they need things though
  4. But a normal programmer would put some sort of cap or limit and skip if its past a thresh hold especially in a game where exact physics aren't necessary. Then theres Notch lol
  5. That and many, many other reasons Brush.
  6. Just a hint for any weirdos wandering into the server now: You will probably be banned. Especially if you lie about knowing me. I have no personal contacts who play Minecraft, and I would post on the forums before allowing them. If this keeps up, I'll probably be switching back to 1.1
  7. Fireslash: it would of made more sense for him to use the louder instrument for the main chord. Bottle Rocket: aww no temp world fun? Its updated its just vanilla. Might be a while before we get bukkit
  8. Okay, temp solution: MPUK is offering a Vanilla option. Since this has servere limitations on what I can and cannot do with the server, and has a larger chance of corrupting the world: I am using it for now, BUT only with a temp world. Once Bukkit comes out, we can switch back to the beautiful modded version of the server with the old world. For now, heres some terrible Vanilla :/ Enjoy!
  9. Well, if you make it, make sure you get the notes right unlike this guy. The last 2 notes being wrong bothers me greatly.
  10. Well, this update is too much for someone whos not interested in working on MC stuff anymore so hey0 doesn't seem like hes going to participate in anymore updates after all Right now Multiplay is working on making a custom version of hMod to work with this update, to tide their customers over until they and the Bukkit team can release a mature version of their complete rewrite. They are working feverishly since the last update and hope to have something finished by the weekends end As a reminder: The server works 100% fine right now, its just the clients that refuse to connect, unless you downgrade them. http://www.fileplay.net/file/12487/minecraft-1-1-client Downgrade instructions and files. I've tested it, works fine Of course, you will no longer be able to connect to 1.2 servers and your single player 1.2 upgrades will be gone (and i probably woudn't even reoopen single player unless you upgrade your stuff back to 1.2) but if you want to play on the OCR server really bad, here you go Edit: Also I'll post here when its upgraded to 1.2, I'm not sure why I continously see people trying to connect, unless they are just ignoring this thread
  11. Correction, the Xbox 360 is still a tight vault as far as security goes. They've hacked the DVD drive's firmware many times over, but all you can do is pirate DVDs (and exact duplicates at that). A JTAG exploit was used to bypasses its security back before the NXE update, but it has been patched since then and any firmware past that cannot be JTAG'd (or downgraded, because of eFuses, unique to 360's security system). Currently no exploits exist. Nobody has found the private key. Right now, the PS3 homebrew is your usual basic starter homebrew stuff: Emulators Since its been cracked wide open, I imagine some innovative stuff coming from the machine in the near future. Should easily suprise what we've seen on the Wii homebrew scene considering the vast power differences For those interested in coding, a homebrew SDK called PSL1GHT has been released http://psl1ght.com/ Edit/Update: As far as the trial, the judge doesn't think just because Geohot has a paypal account that she can judge the case because paypal is based in CA. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/01/14/no_playstation_hacker_order/ Overall, if any body has read over what Sony has submited, they basically are bending the facts or flat out lying to the court. But even trying to TRO/sue him in California is ridiculous. They will have to show that CA has anything to do with Mr Hotz (who doesn't live there) or take it to another court that actually does.
  12. Doing this is simple, if you guys want it can be done. I can do it in either MCEdit with a backup or i can just do it in WorldEdit in real time, if its ported to Hey0/Bukkit Did you revert your client?
  13. so i've been experimenting with things to try to make things okay for those who want creepers and those who dont Im going to use Realms to enable "safe zones" for properties that dont want Creepers, and even if they dont want mobs hurting them in their domain Also, I've enabled some neat features: Death Notify - just like any online game, announces your death to everybody, Fun stuff Adventure Mode - a scoring system, the longer your alive, the more points you earn from picking up stuff and killing mobs. You can even level up and get different ranks. When you die, your high score is updated, and theres a list of the highest scores on the server Flashlight <- i kept this from last time, if you hold a torch it lights up the area around you if you turn on /flashlight CraftIRC <- Already had this one but just as a reminder, irc.esper.net #ocrminecraft gets all ingame messages relayed to it, and any messages there relayed back to minecraft. Minecart Mania <- Have not got to play with this, Halcyon probably will. Ads a lot of neat features to minecarts
  14. I'll probalby be turning on mobs in a few hours Also as a reminder: Homes have been reset, and warps are gone, for some reason they didn't move those over and they aren't in my backup So please remember to do a /sethome if you are near your home area otherwise if you die or /spawn, you will have to walk all the way back home because /home will just take you back to spawn I'll be working on restoring the warps, since i have to do that manually
  15. suze and phal added to the whitelist. Make sure you guys walk a good while away from spawn and nobody is around you before you set up camp We have a crowding issue from people not moving far enough away from other people (people seem to set up shop near Aba for some reason heh)
  16. Been listening to this all week. The whole album is great, but the magnificent meat shower and Forcystus really take the cake. Fantastic stuff here
  17. The old world is restored! I have mobs and damage turned off until I get home I deleted abadoss arm so next map will be a bit smaller I also deleted all of brushes stuff and unbanned him but set it so he cannot set blocks and just spins in circles and cries
  18. Multiplay was SUPPOSE to have my backup ready today, but i switched to the worldname they gave me and it just generated a new world, so i dont know what they've done. Waiting for a responce for the ticket, AGAIN :/ Multiplay will be switching to Bukkit as soon as its mature enough, one of the members of Bukkit is actually a member of Multiplay as well, and Bukkit has some hmod team members too. Hey0 wont stop until Bukkit is released, so we should be good Phal: Post in THIS thread! PM is just so i know your MC name if you dont want to post it in the thread, but you still have to ask to be whitelisted and voted in by someone in this thread.
  19. Then ask to be added here in this thread!
  20. I'll get right on that. Whats your number?
  21. Minecraft does technically install stuff. Look in %user%/Application Data/.minecraft About 40MB worth of stuff, not including any extra texture packs or offline game worlds Its honestly more so about being completely unoptimised and very poorly coded... The game can't even run multiple instances on non-SSDs, for example.
  22. What are your desktop & laptop specs? Whatever your desktop has less of is probably the issue
  23. Its all been deleted Brush. Its gone. Forever. And you are still banned. Everybody else connects to a world full of their stuff. Dont read any of my posts, the MOTD, etc Its probably lies
  24. Server has been moved to San Antonio now, which is on SSDs. You guys can play around on the temp world: I'm going to edit out Abadoss' long journey out of the map, then upload it. Until then, stress test the server! See how you guys like it I've got mobs, health, and pvp enabled. This world is temp until i get the real one up
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