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  1. Guess you dont read any of the posts where we said the server is down b/c of the new update? Hey0 129 is released, waiting for Multiplay to roll out the update now
  2. Same here, thats such an easy thing to do I wouldn't imagine we'd have to wait so many updates. :/ So yeah, server will be unplayable until Hey0/Multiplay finish up, sorry guys.
  3. Well I have to wait for hey0 then wait for multiplay then I just restart this process can take up to a day but if you don't update the client your supposed to be able to connect I think
  4. I update it about every other day give or take
  5. Amazing work there phill! That looks excellent! I'll link it in the MC page, and that should definately be added in the first page Server is going to shut down, theres new updates... lets cross our fingers EDIT: Server is up again with some minor updates most importantly I can turn off updates and i dont appear to become a zombie when falling from tall hights. Damage off for now Edit2: Max players is now 12 as well
  6. :/ Everybody: If someone requests whitelist in this thread and you guys dont think they can be trusted, please post it or sent me PMs I'm new to the actual forums (I just played on the TF2 server) so i dont know whos who
  7. Well, since anything, be it Alpha, the even pre-Alpha stuff (Indev, Infdev, etc), launched, theres always been parts broken. Never said it was final! And im sure once we reach Beta, things will still be broken. Im sure once Production/Release/whathaveyou comes out, things will still be broken. At this point, anybody who thinks notch can deliver a flawless experience is a silly person =P New map is on its way to uploading, i'll edit this post when its done Edit: Maps up!
  8. Don't be expecting a call anytime soon, game has been broken since launch. The game is very "playable" as is (well, as much as it was before), some parts better. Just damage kinda sucks but not having damage was a broken part that has been fixed.
  9. Added. Also: New map is up! Link in the sig as always
  10. lol someone caught the reference Orichalcon: I'm not having any problems connecting, 2 other people are on too
  11. Yes you need to be on the whitelist, as i think it mentions on the first post. I am the current admin of the server, so i'll need your MC name to add to yonder whitelist. Provide ye MC name and you too can enjoy the wonders of MINECRAFT EDIT: Okay i cant leave damage off, it causes the Zombie GHost bug to flair up even worse, but at least it seems reversable as soon as i turn damage back on (I INSTANTLY DIE too! fun) so uh... I'm at a loss, hopefully the next hey0 update does something
  12. I've found the setting to disabled damage, so its gone until the game becomes a little more playable
  13. Thats strange, sorry thats happening Orichalcon. After you respawn are you able to play normally? There is yet another server update but Multiplay is holding off on rolling it out because apparenly this one crashes your server if you dig.. .. yeah. Luckily, new clients can still connect to the current version no problem. Edit: 2 bits of good news, this latest client update is supposed to give an OPTION of updating your client or not, no more forced updates! That means we wont lose access for an entire day when theres an update out, just nobody update their client until I give the OK Also, i've purchased 4 more slots for the server, should be able to up the player count to 12 shortly Edit2: Also, I've gotten the Zombie Ghost glitch fixed for my player now, just have to send a ticket for multiplayer to delete the dat file which they did pretty promptly. If anybody else experiences this please let me know
  14. From testing everybody last night, so far it seems my player data is the only one thats been corrupted. Everybody else seems just fine. Also, put anything precious into a chest anyways. If you die now you drop everything, which is not a glitch and a normal part of the game now From our testing: Good: Boats/Minecarts are breakable, and work a little better, but far from the way they are supposed to. Animals can be attacked, and drop items, which are pickupable The server saving doesn't halt the server as long anymore Weird: Seing other players move is a bit more odd i've noticed, probably some new code to hide lag Bad: You can take damage now, and die. Cactus, Lava, Drowning all hurt like they are supposed to. If you die, you drop all your items on the ground. This is normal. Whats not normal is due to a glitch, your player becomes invisible until you disconnect and relogin Not Tested: Havn't tested mobs or pvp, might tonight if people want. They are both off for now
  15. Alright, server is up, Multiplay suggest by default not using mobs, But if you guys want we can try them! There is now an option to turn off animals, but then we cant get wool from sheepies. There is now also a PVP option A very bad glitch has happened to my playerfile, but apparently not everybodies (Vimk and Gman are fine). Please let me know if you are experincing any issues My player : is PERMANENTLY invisable, cannot pick up items. Reconnecting/Disconnecting does nothing Gman: Was fine, until she died, then spawned invisible, but she could otherwise work the game just fine, when she reconnected, she was back to normal.
  16. They've got the new update on my server, but im experiencing a strange bug where i cant pick up anything. I'm trying to get the issue resolved
  17. Apparently notch released a new ver that fixes the last one however well see what this one breaks. Currently Multiplay is still waiting for Hey0 to update so they can test and optimize things sorry folks
  18. Actually, I have to wait for hMod to update, and then Multiplay will run some tests and try to optimize things, THEN they will automatically update my server, but until then it'll be unconnectable thanks to the auto updates on client side :/ Sorry everybody
  19. your being hacked, pull out :lmassoff::lmassoff::
  20. So if he then asks for TNT i shouldn't give him any?
  21. Question: Should a random guy wandering in the IRC channel, who wants to register on OCR just so he can get on the whitelist be OK? Or is there some sort of ground rules for this whitelist thing we should set? I have no idea if there were any real requirements to the whitelist
  22. Testing out an MC <-> IRC bot, see what you guys think of it. Using the OCR Minecraft channel (#ocrminecraft) on irc.enterthegame.com Edit: in IRC you can use .players to see get a list of whos on minecraft. I dont think theres a way to see whos on IRC in MC though :/
  23. the image download? We have "unlimited" bandwidth according to our web pages's host, so until they complain about it it should be okay. I hosted TF2 map downloads on it before and didn't get any complaints As far as the web page's cost itself, its unrelated to the OCR Minecraft server, we've had it for years, we just really aren't using it much as of the moment (and pay for it yearly) so we threw this minecraft page up on it to get some use out of it. Everybody: Do you guys think we are okay with this 8 person slot or should I purchase an upgrade to say 10 or 12 person? (only a few more dollars) We've only been full a few times so far, but since you guys have donated so much its not like we cant up it a bit. Edit: Also, new map uploaded to the site
  24. Page has been updated to show the current whitelist and warp points. (so you dont have to keep the one on the front page up to date anymore Gollgagh, unless you feel like it.) There are some on there that i dont know what their OCR names are, so they are just "?" for now. If anybody can fill me in let me know. I might let people have another warp since i have coded this handy system to keep track of them for me (SQL yay!). Sorry for the basic HTML handbook look, again when Gman has sometime she might make it prettier and i might make it more web 2.0 ish http://minecraft.minnazu.com also on my sig if nobody has noticed
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