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  1. I don't often listen to the mixes of OCR as I used to, but I saw DrumUltima and Harmony on here and I had to check it out. DrumUltima has always impressed me ever since his Cave Story remix with his mom (definitely one of the best mixes on the site), while Harmony's Dragon Song has the distinction of being probably the best Secret of Mana remix, with the vocals on that track creating a great atmosphere and tension along with superb percussion. I skipped most of DJP's write-up and dove right into listening to the mix. It starts off with a great soundscape of the mind with what I'm guessing is a vibraphone patch and guitar slowly teasing and building up to the melody of Star Light Zone, one of my favorite vg tracks when I was growing up. The evolution in the first two and a half minutes is natural, as it turns from this wandering chilled out melody into a nice snap rhythm groove, and it is truly exquisite. Then the track transitions to Spring Yard Zone and the vocals kick in at 2:35...and seem totally out of place and weak compared to the strong arrangement and overall sound established up until that point. This is a bit harsh but I think they actually ruin the track. I think if vocals were to work, they really needed to be established earlier because they hit you and all I could think was "Whoa, why? Where did that come from?" It's not just the timing but the sound of the voices, they simply do not fit the music in this case. It's an excellent track that could have been an undisputed classic, but it's tarnished by the vocals.
  2. Street Fighter Alpha 2's preferable. I also love NES Tecmo Super Bowl.
  3. Damn, bLiNd. My thoughts are with you, you're a good, talented guy. Keep fighting it.
  4. btw, my AIM is recursi vemotif. Don't put the one on my profile on your list.
  5. No one should pay for that piece of shit.
  6. Binster, this is one of the best OCR remixes. In fact, I don't know how I missed a musician as talented as you, I've never heard any of your mixes before (but of course, I do tend to pick mixes of games I've played). Listening to this and then your Ico mix, I can honestly say that unlike most of the artists here who are developing and trying to figure out what sounds good, you have reached that level where you know exactly what you're doing; such control, vision, and mastery of your craft. Now if I may hop off your metaphorical sac and talk about the actual mix here, if anyone thinks this is slow developing they are crazy. I'm not gonna do the whole song, but I'll do the first half. I'll divide it into stages. Stage 1 0:00-1:12 builds a great anticipation about what this mix could have in store for us. At 0:46 you get a slight changeup and you think that finally the song's going to take off, but no, at 1:12 (Stage 2 1:12-1:49) we go back to the beginning with what Stage 1 established, this time with a beat and some more accompaniment, and then at 1:49 (Stage 3 1:49-2:24) we are hit with a killer beat that gets me pumped, and once again we return to the start and it follows a good formula, each even numbered stage a dynamic and sonic improvement. I love this song, one of the best of the year, period. And I'm not just talking about VGM.
  7. This is the truth. And it's very good trance. I enjoyed this a great deal and I only wish for a higher bitrate.9.5/10
  8. Yeah, it's got the GIA logo in it though. :/ Easily remedied.
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