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  1. Hey, guys. Can I have N723 instead of this name? It's kind of a burden having a name that I'm not using and the reason behind it was murdered violently. Thanks a bunch.
  2. *points gun at Namco for not bringing original Tales of Graces*
  3. I fixed the problem with my speakers (for now, seems like old soundcard, plus bad port, plus only port left, but speakers and headset are perfectly fine) and I realized the problem. Really should fix it later. Like, say two years? EDIT: Five seconds and it's hurting my head. Why didn't this happen before?
  4. I rushed a bit on the ending, I know. I need to fade it out later in Audition. But it's great for loops right now. Besides, the panning is my fault because my speakers don't like playing the same sound, it's noticable in a few other works of mine. The synth is just my inexperience with VST plugins, first song I made with them. But I can't leave now, I made a whole soundtrack for a video game using them... Rambling off again. Although, it's better than what I did before, long ago...
  5. True, I'm not good at FL Studio's effects. I'm still learning, though, so... yeah. Presets fill my deal for now.
  6. My friend, PokeRemixStudio, has a lot of remixes on his YouTube account, same name. He got better after 2008. There's also the four Cave Story Remix Albums (two projects, second one was three albums), with one song in the second project exceeding 29 minutes. Either way, there's a lot.
  7. I'm back from an absence, just to say that I made a remix. And it doesn't sound like crap. Yay. It's a remix of the Sealed Chamber in Cave Story and this is just me screwing around with the Z3TA plugin that someone recommended to me using Yahoo Answers... by accident. Yes, it has little similarities to the real thing, but you'll hear it. Link
  8. I've seen the old thread, but the program won't work for me, just because my sfpack is 400MB (uncompressed = 1GB) Any other unpackers or fixes possible? EDIT: Never mind, it started working by itself. I have no idea what happened, but I got the SF working. =D
  9. Not as scary as the original, but way more powerful. So, here's my score: TEACH ME...
  10. I 'unno, really. Not an expert in music. It plays sf2s, that's how I make all my songs.
  11. Wow, it was detuned. Time to remake this, and get better sounds.
  12. I only see an image of Quarantined. That's all I can do, no links, nothing.
  13. Argh! I lost! Well, no hard done as I didn't bet anything on it... except my Mercedes.
  14. Whatever, I was referring to the soundfont as a consumer. It's downloaded, but it was a free download to begin with. So, just because it was on a torrent doesn't mean it's pirated, as it's FREE.
  15. Record you playing live. It's the best I can do, since I don't even own a keyboard. All mouse.
  16. It's a very early WIP, I'm working on something far better for this song, I only needed that for the basic outline, jeez. EDIT: Wow, it's so hard getting it to go right. Maybe I need to stick with the Sweet Trumpet. EDIT2: Screw it, mine is bad. Can't get that song right in any way I think of it.
  17. It's not a MIDI rip, I've seen how N64 works, and it's near impossible for it to be it. I tried to get it by ear, listened to the song a lot.
  18. Just if you're wondering, I made a quick remix of "The Invincible Tubba Blubba!", if you want it. Note, it's a WIP. http://www.tindeck.com/listen/iklk
  19. I'm stuck at a standstill. How come? I got a huge 1GB soundfont (took me three days) and it won't work in FL Studio. I CAN open it using Awave Studio properly, though, but FL just hates me. Restarting will not work, and it's only this soundfont. Any help? EDIT: The soundfont is not pirated.
  20. Edit events in the tempo by right-clicking on the number and find the position where you want it to change. Had that happen to me, very useful find on Google.
  21. Sonic 4 has many flaws, but they're on the DS version of Colours, too. Mainly the homing attack. I played a demo.
  22. This is just splendid. I can feel all the work you've done to remake this wonderful song. *sigh* How I miss that game. God, it was horrid when your shoulder buttons are screwed.
  23. The suspense is killing me. At least we now have a higher chance. Maybe a 2:3 chance.
  24. I enjoyed Black Knight a bit, but it was because of the sword and Sonic's super form. I NEED COLOURS!
  25. This is just amazing. I always loved your music, and this one sounds wonderful.
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