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  1. I just heard a rumor that needs addressing: If this album isn't posted by the end of 2011, Donkey Kong himself is going to go to each one of the panel members' house and go ape shit on them. True or false?
  2. What are your favorite songs from the final four? Here are mine: prophetik hard day's night TheGuitahHeroe (VERY close call) Blowin'em Outta the Water or Bubbling Adrenaline WillRock (another VERY close call) Walking Weapons Unit or Bleats of Lightning Neblix Shocked Quartz
  3. I can't listen to any of those songs the same way again. Nicely done.
  4. Mutated mattress component from a questionable motel room?
  5. I think so. But I think Darkesword prefers that it be called "Grand Maverick Remix Battle 2011" I hope someone picks Storm Eagle this year...
  6. The votes seem to come in early in the week, and late in the week. I think we'll see an uptick in voting starting Thursday evening/early Friday morning.
  7. Dude, your song was awesome, and you actually just lost on a technicality. It's too bad you and Gario had to be eliminated in the first round when two mixers didn't even submit anything. It is what it is, I guess...
  8. Looking forward to hearing an 80s style mix of Shade Man!!
  9. Is there going to be a social group this time around?
  10. Wasn't really complaining, just commenting that it seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle. Not to say that I'm not looking forward to the compo, though.
  11. Yeah, no one's paying attention. Too much other stuff going on?
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