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  1. Liontamer added the information to VGMdb and it looks as though the album is set to release on Monday, October 01, 2018.
  2. The announcement tweet with album art is a promising sign. Though the next big step in the right direction will be when Liontamer adds the album, track list, and release date to VGMdb.
  3. Take a few steps back from the situation, and you can gain a bit of perspective. It's likely a large majority of the people download this album (when it is eventually released) will have no idea that it took years longer than planned. They'll just be thankful to OverClocked ReMix for providing an awesome multi-disc remix album for a game that doesn't receive too many remixes. As for those involved behind-the-scenes, you can just chalk it up to a learning experience.
  4. How about that the album has a tentative release date of April 25th (this Monday) according to Liontamer's album submission over on VGMdb.
  5. If your post keeps getting deleted, don't keep posting it over and over again.

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