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  1. Any of you play Super Mario World lately? I have. I have 100+ lives easily. This game isn't hard or long, but it is good. Only three power-ups, mushroom, fireflower, cape. Sure, you have Yoshi, but most of the time he is more of a bother than an asset. The novelty goes away pretty quickly when you can't use your fireballs while you're on him. I think anybody that complains about NSMBs may need to stop to consider that SMW was fun without all the power-ups of SMB3, or the playable characters of SMB2. I'm playing SMW on my DS lite, just got to Chocolate Island. Don't have the money for NSMB just
  2. After giving this a listen all the way through again, I still find that the genre of music doesn't fit the genre of the game. I still find many songs boring, unfortunatly. I listened all the way through all the songs and was hit by the singing in the two Guile ending mixes. Ouch, that was painful. I didn't notice just how bad it was until I actually listened to them all the way through. Whoever sang in the first song needs voice training before attempting that again. Sorry, but that singing was =< karaoke. The second one was more stylistic, but in the end was uninteresting and ultimately bo
  3. So I come on OCRemix to see what's new. Lo and behold, a SF project is complete! Joy! So I download--I wait patiently. I think of SF, I think of fighting and dragon-punches. I think of green beasts and and kung-fu fighters. I think about them fighting. Then the download is done. Joy! Then frown. 'What is this?' I ask myself. I am introduced to something I wasn't expecting. This is not the kick-you-in-the-balls sort of music I was expecting for a game as famous as this or for a game of such a genre. Then yawn. 'Boring.' I think. But wait! Vurez does something intriguing and entertaining. Hope i
  4. So... What about the Special Edition? The topic is closed so I was wondering what's going on with that? BTW, it's nice to know I wasn't the only one that felt the movie score idea lacked when it came to listening music. At least I'm not the weird one anymore
  5. I played through Chrono Trigger a few times and can remember much of the storyline, and I would agree that the music in this album does flow well. Thanks to the stand-alone remixes. I liked The Rising and think it had a distinctly different feel compared to Crono's Dream. If this were a 'true' movie soundtrack than I imagine that the album would be rather boring, with only a handful of 'stand-alone' songs to grab my attention. The rest would be background music like Crono's Dream. Same with the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. So long as you know the game, you can follow the soundtrack. This is i
  6. The idea is nice, to make a movie score, but it falls down when listened to for the sake of music. For instance, Lord of the Rings had great music and it did a masterful job of conveying emotions to the audience, but the soundtrack falls down when it comes to sitting at my computer and listening to it. Since the intended purpose was to make a movie score, then I can see why you and others made their songs the way they did, but it seems to me that this project would have had the worst of both worlds if it would have had more music like yours (this sounds bad, but let me finish). A movie score w
  7. Well, I don't normally watch the ending credits of a movie so I don't normally hear the music at the end either. If you wanted to do it the 'Japanese way', you'd have done most of it in Japanese and then had one word or phrase in English (Japanese pop seems to do that often). That's something I might have been able to understand As it is this is orchestral, not pop, music so I'm not sure how it fits logically. To be clear, I meant no offense by my comments. I'm just a lowly listener is all I think every person should be given honest and constructive criticism for the work they do, so I try t
  8. Wow, this is excellent stuff. I'm big on orchestral music and in fact I have a big 100+ song playlist of orchestral and piano remixes that I really enjoy. I was looking forward to something less aggressive than past site projects such as the Doom and Metroid ones. I really like Chrono Trigger music as well, so overall I was ready for a project like this. This is definitely a well done album. Sephfire – Inciting Incident 3:36 Excellent, nice introduction. I really liked this. Sephfire, SirRus – Morning Sunlight 4:23 Nice. I'm always a stickler for some good piano. The violins really rocked, I
  9. Guess what, I've gotta feva and the only prescription is Chrono Symphonic Music THE ANTS...THEY BURN!
  10. This project is definitely generating a bit of excitement *looks at topic views*
  11. I must have listened to that comparison 30 times trying to get a clear idea of the difference. Tell me if I'm not too far off, but it sounds like the music has a bit more depth to it, with the treble being clearer and the bass more defined. From the small snipit it's hard to tell how much of an overall difference to the quality of the sound this process has done, but I imagine it will be significant. Hopefully all the songs will mirror the quality of that small snipit
  12. I have a question. Will there be a bittorrent of this project? Will there be a bittorrent with lossless files?
  13. Hey, patiently waiting vg music/remix lover here. While I was sitting here I thought I'd ask what 'mastering' is in the music business? I don't know all that much about what goes into making music, or remixes, so I thought I'd learn a little bit about it.
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