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  1. Ah, classic Sega music--some of my fave stuff. I dig this a lot--way to go, girl!
  2. I love that spacey sound that comes in at 2:15. Well done!
  3. Very enjoyable! It's always a pleasure hearing Earth Kid's harps & vocals.
  4. Definitely very strange...in a good way, lol. Thanks a ton for releasing 7 freakin' hours of VGM cover awesomeness for the low low price of free!
  5. Oh wow, this is beautiful. What the song probably would've sounded like if FF8 were set in a typical Medieval setting
  6. A rock cover of The Moon--what's not to love? Fantastic!
  7. I'm a huge fan of posu yan but I dislike rap. This doesn't sound like anything he's done before either. Sorry to say I just really don't like this
  8. The sax steals the show here. I definitely agree about the Costa Del Sol vibes, too.
  9. YES! I would be proud to have this playing during my victory lap in the next Mario Kart. This has well earned its spot on my faves playlist!
  10. The world can only take so many Chrono Trigger arrange albums so this is a welcome relief. I dig it!
  11. Wow! What an awesome group effort! Live instruments are definitely the best for orchestral covers. Only critique I have is that the way it ended was kind of dull. I would've preferred hearing something more climactic to close things off, like a crescendo.
  12. Synthwave is one of those genres I'd never heard of until recently but thanks to Bandcamp, it's now one of my fave genres of music in general (not just specifically electronic music). This song makes me feel like I'm cruising through the neon-colored streets of the 80s in my Delorean, Ready Player One-style!
  13. Very interesting how you managed to stretch this short song out for almost 3 minutes. I would've preferred seeing at least one other song cleverly mixed somewhere in there to make it less repetitive but it's still pretty good as is.
  14. Jazz and VGM go together like PB&J. Well done, everyone! I dig it
  15. Woah, what a voice! And the length of the list of instruments you play, very impressive! I love how you mix things up at the 2:25 mark. You definitely remind me of Erutan in all the best ways. Girl gamers unite!
  16. I definitely dig the addition of the electric guitar. So glad to see something OTHER THAN Aquatic Ambiance get covered, too
  17. This is definitely better than Zedd's version! BTW, there really is no such thing as a VGM cover that's too popular. I love seeing popular artists do VGM covers. Anything to bring more attention to one of my fave types of music is fine in my book
  18. Heavenly! It doesn't stray much from the original song but that's not really a bad thing for a song this good
  19. Things really come full circle when this site posts remixes of VGM tunes composed by VGM remixers! I love virt's music and this is a great cover
  20. Can't review this without comparing it to the same song on the FFVIII piano collections. This is a bit slower than I'd like but I guess it's a bit romantic because of that so if that's your thing, maybe you'd prefer this to the piano collection version
  21. I usually avoid Terra's theme covers b/c I've heard enough of them to last me a lifetime but this mix deserves kudos for actually doing something different. I like how it's played faster than normal too
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