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  1. The greatest thing about music like this is that you could totally play it at a concert and most people would have no idea it's game music. It sounds like it was just made to be in this genre b/c that's how well it's covered here. I'm surprised just how awesome the banjo sounds b/c I don't normally like country music. Great work here!
  2. This was definitely the highlight of the album for me. It was very sweet and even made me tear up a little (no joke, lol). One small gripe I have is that the part where "naive" was sung sounded a little forced because of having two syllables. Only thing that would have made it better IMO is a female vocal (no offense, your voice wasn't too bad) b/c that would make more sense in the context of the game (since Impa would have been singing it to Zelda). Great work!
  3. This remix is incredible. Reminds me of some of the best of the old Sega Sound Team arranges. Chiptunes and rock go together like PB&J, each perfectly complementing the other, and you've easily proved that here. Very well done, Sixto. This is going straight to my fave remix playlist
  4. I liked reading about Mustin's very personal connection to this game. Video games mean a lot to me for the same reason he stated. I had a really terrible, traumatic childhood and games basically raised me more than anyone did from the age of 12 up, so I have a very personal connection to the games of my youth also (altho FFIV is not one of them, admittedly). I actually really thought about making game remixes because of the strong emotions that certain game music evokes in me, but I gave up b/c of how complicated it looks (lol) I like a lot of Mustin's remixes and think it's awesome how much blood, sweat and tears he pours into the hobby, but this is unfortunately not one of my favorites of his. One peeve of mine is that this song's mellow intro lasts longer than an intro usually lasts, so I turned my volume up, thinking the whole song was gonna be like that, only to be blasted when the louder part started. It doesn't have a whole lot of variety for my tastes either.
  5. Willrock's remixes are always high-quality and this is no exception. One small complaint is that I barely recognized the source tune, but I definitely prefer something like this over a remix that is too conservative. Thanks for making a remix for a game with one of the best storylines and soundtracks I've ever played!
  6. This remix is all shades of awesome! Slap bass + electronica = WIN! This is going in my favorites list (which is a very selective list btw)
  7. Nice song choice! This remix is slow to get interesting but it does a good job of being a creepy version of an originally upbeat song. I especially like the part beginning at 2:55 where it sounds like a distorted radio (for lack of a better term). The song is fairly forgettable since it doesn't do anything flashy but it works for what it is. Thanks for creating this remix, anterroir! Hopefully there will be more in the future
  8. Fantastic work on this song! The piano and female vocals work great together--very classy. The source song is already so amazing and you've found a way to improve it. Thank you for making this awesome remix, diotrans! And thanks as well to all the other remixers for making this great tribute to a very deserving game!!
  9. You took advantage of quiet parts of the song to work in the SFX which I thought was clever and it served as narration for the song. The breakbeat part at the end was quite impressive. Overall, great work!
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