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  1. This is freaking amazing! Always have liked violin and piano music and always welcome VGM covers with those instruments. But a 10 minute arrangement is a special treat, for sure.
  2. kaijin;801696 wrote: Really? Well, I certainly won't patronize you by giving an in-depth example of how to humanize your parts since you claim to do so already. However, as someone who actually plays a musical instrument, might I suggest increasing the increment of your velocities ever so slightly? At least enough that we can perceive it? I assure you it will only help. Have you ever listened to anything else darkesword's made? If not, I suggest you hold back further comments before you further humiliate yourself. If he made the piece less dynamic, he meant it to be that way. As for my thoughts on the piece, I like it but find to be just okay. Something about it felt like it was lacking...something, although I'm not sure if it's really the velocity. I think for me it's the underlying bass that doesn't quite sound/feel right. Regardless, it's still a good piece, even if it's not your best.
  3. Definitely a fun track! Takes me back to the first gym on pokemon red...good times. Except for better than the video game music back then for sure. Maintains the older feel while still being new, which I think is the purpose of any good game remix. ^^That's how you post your opinion on the remix (AKA relevant subject to this thread), everyone. <<That is not. Meaning I'll probably regret this when it's quoted and the bickering continues.
  4. I love how darkesword has his own style with the different mixes he does. It's definitely apparent in this one, and like always, I love it. It's always a treat when one of his mixes is posted!
  5. Definitely one of the best remixes on this site. I've been listening to this song for a while now and it really does not get old. It does the source justice but I also believe it's better than the source. It's also just good to listen to for anything, not just reminiscing over the game it's from. Awesome work.
  6. I sometimes shy away from the remixes that have singing in them. This is one of the rare exceptions! I always have liked your work Stevo, and I am very impressed with this song. Keep it up!
  7. Great work! It does remind me of Another Soundscape's The Sound of the Galaxy, only way more mellow. Definitely a good one to loop.
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