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  1. Congrats, i hope you and your fiance have a wonderful life together and a great wedding :3

  2. thank you for reminding me

  3. *hides from the backlash of hatred of giving a sixto song a bad review*

  4. your more then welcome :3

  5. Dude your music is awesome, first came across your work on dwelling of duels and then went to check out your other work both here and in armcannon, and thought i'd stop by to say you rock.

  6. your remix of "son of flynn" is AMAZING :D well done i think its awesome.

  7. brandon, happy birthday man hope its a great one :D

  8. just thought id pop by to say thank you for creating extra credits with james and allison, I hope she recovers soon keep up the good work. :D

  9. no problem dude. :3

  10. hey dude i noticed you asked Snappleman about his break the silence vgmix version i'm not sure which version that may be but i found a version on a listening site and uploaded it on youtube a while back, i know its not much but its a start atleast. heres the link:

    (read the infomation bar theres a link to that version in it)
  11. thanks i wont i promise :D

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