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  1. I've posted on this site a handful of times since 2002. I don't do this lightly: good job sir.
  2. Not bad as a whole. The vocals are better than the tripe most mainstream artists spew from their coke-addled cords, so take some solace in that fact. You won't be singing with the three tenors any time soon though.
  3. I know my opinion doesn't count (see low post count), but: I didn't like it. That puts me firmly in a minority, I undestand, but I don't give a damn. Usually when djpretzel speaks highly of a song, it's a must-have: see Pillar of Salt or Stormlord Seneca's Marble Pack Edit. But frankly, the vocals grated me in this one, and the whole thing lacked balls. I recognize the effort and polish, but I just don't like it. And I'm a big fan of the source material in this case (who isn't?).
  4. I hate most lovey-wuvie songs (they sicken me), but this one was pretty neat, I guess. Also, I agree with the above. The guy makes awesome mixes, so he must know what he's talking about.
  5. Bump. For those that don't yet know it, this is probably one of the top 5 mixes on the site. Download now if you have not done so.
  6. Probably Icewind Dale or Morrowind. Giants was quite memorable as well. Second to those NWN and KOTOR, which I thought were weaker on the whole. Everything else of his, I just haven't heard. But out of that which I've heard, Evermore is my least favorite. Oh, and yes RimFrost, it does have some resemblance to the Sims building music, most of which I also liked very much.
  7. I've always thought of this as Soule's weakest score (I didn't find the SoE ST very memorable) but this is simply excellent.
  8. You've done two things in this remix that make me wish to comment. 1. You've taken a theme I've heard a billion times and made it enjoyable and new. 2. The structure reveals ingenuity. I like that. I usually don't comment on remixes, but when someone does an FF6 remix this well I have to. 5/5
  9. I listened to your mix as soon I saw it because I am the biggest Kefka fan in the Universe. I liked it very much, but as some of the others mentioned it could have been more. You should be proud of your first Remix though, just work a bit more on those drums. BTW: I'm going to your site now, just to check out the other ones. Cheers, RN
  10. OMG... this is the best Schala mix. Severely original and interpretative... Seriously, the brass is simply fantastic... I hope I don't sound like too much of a fanboy newb here... but it's true. The underlying beat is completely new to remixes of this tune. Well... whenever djpretzel says something is "highly recommended" he's right. This is amazing.
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