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    I am a musician, also interested in Videogame programming and editing. I will conquer the world someday, so be prepared. I play the piano, read, compose, listen (my, how much do I listen!) and study, sometimes :)
    Please note I'm perfectly new to mixing, editing, et caetera. I would be happy to help, but it will be hard to get something of good from me (at least by now: let's see how do I grow).
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    Jacopo Freddi
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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
  • Software - Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
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    Arrangement & Orchestration
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    Acoustic Guitar (a little bit)
  1. Love him. He's awesome, when I first listened to his music I didn't think he wrote music for videogames (I didn't knew FF yet), and surely he gave to Final Fantasy that particular character that fascinated so many players from all the world. I'm IN!
  2. Hahahh, oddio non ci avevo fatto caso!

    Sei anche te alle prime armi?? :)

  3. No problem, man! I already had a look on them, but since I'm at the basis the tutorials I find on the site are.. well, too specific. I'll wait, though
  4. lol! e addirittura della stessa età e con lo stesso avatar! Non credo nel destino, ma qui c'è puzza di zolfo :D

  5. Bellaaaa!

    Non credevo che ci fossero altri italiani su 'sto sito..!

  6. Why did the original tutorial (on post nr. 1) disappeared? I bookmarked it, looking forward having a decent look on them. Today I tried to see it and... The links point to missing pages! Have you put them on another site? can you re-link them? I would like to have a look on them, they seemed extremely helpful!
  7. Hi all, I'm d@rkfagio, but I'm also known on the Internet as D@rkraven or 'TheDarkraven92' (YouTube). I'm an Italian musician, interested also in Videogame design, Literature, Philosophy and Role Playing Games. I play the piano, compose my own musics (both instrumental and vocal) and mix them. Well... 'mix' There's a reason for which I decided to sign in, that is: How to mix? I never used a sequencer, so my steps are quite 'naive'. I hope to improve my knowledge here and, who knows, maybe I'll get a reputation For now, I'm working for a pair of student project for Indie RolePlayingGames,
  8. Hey! I too want a copy! N00b as I am, I'm the first interested in a guide Rozovian, can you send me a copy through gmail? I don't like AIM... Thanks!
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