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  1. Been listening non-stop since the download completed. Everything has been done with so much care and attention to detail. THANK YOU so much for making this happen. Can't wait for the physical copy to arrive so I can look at it, smell it, take a picture of it, then put it carefully back into the box, and lock it in a fireproof safe that I'll later bury at an undisclosed location.
  2. "I never stop rushing because I'm Quick Man - hurry up!" - lol, loved it.
  3. Just awesome to listen to. I loved the arrangement of these two themes. Can't wait to hear more! Keep up the good work.
  4. 1. Tanooki Mario 2. Goron (I don't have a third place, but I think either one of these would be awesome!)
  5. I'm so encouraged and excited about this project. $50 is a bargain for the quality of work the artists put into their remixes - and to have physically printed CDs that are professionally designed is just plain awesomeness. I hope that the success of this project will result in similar projects in the future. Thank you for being so awesome, and I'll be keeping my eyes open for future projects to fund.
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