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    I am a singer if anything. My entire life I have been singing in choirs, competitions, groups, you name it. I love music and I love video games so ocremix is about my favorite site period. I would like to be part of this community so if you need a vocalist just lemme know.
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    Mark J.
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  1. Absolutely a great vocal performance. I love the slightly Asian feel to the music I picked up. I am not familiar with the Aveh language, but it sounds like a mix of Japanese and Latin... very cool.
  2. Hey guys I am kinda new here. Always loved music, and games, and I love to put the two together to make something unique. I don't know much about mixing, but I would love to learn so any advice would be appreciated.
  3. This does definitely have some of the Seattle Indie-rock feel. The lead guitar felt a little weak to me, but it was passable to be sure. Being what it is, I am definitely going to be listening to it seeing as I am an Indie-rock junkie hehehe.
  4. Straight forward piano solo, tastefully done for a classic game. This in my opinion is absolutely the best music that can be done. To remember that part of the game, and let the music accompany you there, it brings out the feelings you had first playing that game. True nostalgia.
  5. As short as the sample is, I would say this is some of the best vocals I have heard on OC. Oboe was ok, but replacing it with vocals would have been the best choice. Come on man, use your talent.
  6. The way this song progresses from a intro of melodic muscle into a heavy beat driven beast is simply EPIC. It's almost as if this whole thing is telling a story, and I am totally listening.
  7. I really enjoyed this mix. The beginning was really smooth with just enough added at each stage that it never felt slow. At 1:52 it began to sound like a piece of Flamin Lips music, and I mean that in the best possible way. Nice job.
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