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  1. Every single time this song comes up in my shuffle rotation, I think "Eh, I really don't want to hear this right now." But every time I leave it alone and let it play, I'm glad I did. The arrangement really is top-notch - great work guys.
  2. I love Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, I must've logged over 100 hours on the first alone. For that reason, I'm saddened by their lack of representation here. I'd love for pretty much any track(s) from either game to be ReMixed, but I do have a few favorites to request: PoR - Black Knight's Theme PoR - "March Forward" RD - Galdr of Release (skip to about 6:25) PoR - Galdr of Rebirth (first 28 seconds)
  3. I'd like to make some requests along the same vein (MMBN 3 was my favorite pairing)- Undernet Theme - http://youtu.be/tKnOHmKR11s "Final Transmission" - http://youtu.be/uKymeuwwtAk N1 Battle Theme - http://youtu.be/aVGLWZoTxME
  4. I cannot second this hard enough. I almost grew up entirely on the Advance Wars series (spent more time on them than anything else, save Fire Emblems).
  5. I absolutely love this mix. What you've actually done to Aeris' theme is excellent, and the playing is beautiful as well. The only things I would change are dynamics - I especially wanted more of a forte at the 2-minute mark - but overall a bit louder would be nice. Aside from that, truly amazing. Well done, sir.
  6. I really didn't want this track to end. You could have made it another 10 minutes just looping what you've got here, over and over, and I wouldn't have complained. I probably would've wanted it longer. Amazing work, tefnek. You've been added to my list of 'people whose mixes I will always expect to enjoy'.
  7. A great mix, but I just can't get over the drums. The guitar work is great, but all I could focus on - the sole thing my ears were paying attention to - was the sound of those kick drums. What a great sound, and the beats didn't let up. You two gents need to work together much more often.
  8. I'd also like it to be louder, but I feel I should say that this is the song that got me 'into' OCR. Just a beautiful classical piano take on an already excellent, somber track. 6/5 stars.
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