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  1. Additionally, the "you've got to either raid for hours and hours or spend hours and hours PvPing" mentality is a cliche' and not actually the case. With the changes to the honor system and cross-realm battlegrounds, casual PvPers can still attain the best rewards, it just takes a little longer. Casual raiding is a little more difficult to pull off because it requires a guild suited to that sort of thing, but that will change with the expansion, and it's already doable as-is. I and virtually every one of my friends play very little compared to most players but we sign on and get shit done in a fast, efficient way.
  2. A good deal of the bosses in that game were ridiculous. Having four boss-type enemies on the screen at once is a big enough pain when they don't shoot all the way across the screen/fly around on a glider/float up behind you and suck your brain out/be Carnage.
  3. I'm not sure why MS thinks people will adopt Vista at all with their inane EULA and obscene amounts of DRM. So far the only compelling reason I've seen is for DX10 support, but most software makers are going to make their stuff backwards-compatible for some time anyway, and I imagine some sort of "solution" for those of us who have no desire for any bullshit software restrictions will be devised. Really I think the age of open source is upon us. As soon as people start flocking away from Windows in droves, Linux will get that final little oomph it's needed to be a real competitor.
  4. Whatever Boxing Day is, it involves Kraft Dinner to be sure.
  5. Just download it off of sourceforge - it's only a gazillion times faster. Also, I'm not playing this game ever again until they allow you to turn off the UNBELIEVABLY LOUD, IRRITATING AS FUCK error noises (I know there's a menu option for it, it doesn't work).
  6. Psychonaut

    Sony PS3

    While I don't think Sony made a wise choice by using an untested format for a new console that will have enough challenges getting off the ground as is, there's really not any good way to get a new format established, and I think this is probably a better method than most. Remember when DVD players were $1000? Bet you thought early-adopters were zany then, too .
  7. I just recently beat the challenge of the gods in God of War. The goal of the last stage is to raise a platform high enough so that you can jump up on to another platform, which is your goal. Get there, and the level's over. Fall off the platform or get hurt too much, and you die. To raise the platform, you've gotta kill the enemies that spawn on it. Any time you kill one, another spawns to take its place, so there's always three little mini-cerebrus dogs, and two of these nasty bastards with big pointy staves. The guys with staves can reach well over 3/4 of the platform with their attacks and have some of the most ridiculously long, ground-covering combo maneuvers I've ever seen. The dogs have the annoying tendency to just bop you off the edge of the platform when you were just about to attack an enemy. You can't block for any significant period of time or you'll get knocked off the edge. You can't get hit while you're in the air or you'll get knocked way off the edge. You get hit once, and it's almost a complete certainty that you'll get hit again until you start blocking (taking no damage but still you can get knocked off the edge) or jump (taking the risk of getting hit in the air and falling off immediately). The enemies are all basically attacking constantly, so finding an opening is a real pain. I know it's not technically a boss, but that level was definitely this-thread-worthy. I sat there for over two hours straight (at around 30 seconds an attempt) and just died, over and over again, swearing constantly at how retardedly hard the level was. Finally beat it with some random combination of insane luck and awesomeness.
  8. Psychonaut

    Sony PS3

    Like the slower read speed than HD-DVD and DVD? My hero.
  9. Psychonaut

    Sony PS3

    I think that developers, logically speaking, will use as much space as is available to them. If 45GB of storage is available on a write-once type of media, there's no reason not to store everything in a larger format to reduce loading/processing times. Attacking the media format because people could potentially have too much space is probably the most absurd route I can think of taking. There are plenty of other things about Blu-Ray you could criticize.
  10. Psychonaut


    I haven't read most of the thread, but I have to say "amen" to this. I got a 20% on my first exam (by far my lowest exam score EVER) in Introduction to Scientific Computing. While that basically nuked my chances of an A in the class, I still managed to acquit myself admirably, and since I had exactly, nail-on-the-head enough credits to graduate a year early the year following, it was good that I stuck with it. Because I graduated at that specific time, I'm now going to be able to have a master's degree in four years.
  11. You can buy it from a gazillion different vendors.
  12. Check the thread in Unmod, Syl has posted a really thorough explanation of the system.
  13. Goddammit. I spent like two hours killing ridiculous monsters in the super-hard area that I'm not supposed to be in yet, and then this weaksauce horse with 99,999 HP that can teleport and won't stop following you even if you zone comes and kills EVERYONE. Basch lost four levels and I lost a crapton of really rare-sounding lewtz :/
  14. Your friend is a retard.
  15. Psychonaut

    Sony PS3

    That's pretty much how it's done... you replace something in your console (or really do any sort of user modification or repair) and your warranty is kaput.
  16. Well if they'd take off those goddamn iron helmets...
  17. There's no trick to it? It's really just "level up until you have the insane amount of HP to beat this retardedly hard boss?" Weak.
  18. ... has been 10-manned. A far cry from "hardest boss ever". My roommate still hasn't beat the optional last boss in Valkyrie Profile. I've never played the game so I don't fully understand anything, I just know that a single attack after she goes into "super bitch mode" obliterates his party like 7 times over. I have no idea how you'd beat a boss that does several times your max HP in damage to the entire party in a single attack.
  19. I had a dodonpachi vid once. It made my head explode.
  20. Yes, that game goes on forever... I think I used pipsie or tubwhateverhisnameis on him. Yeah, it gets MUCH harder, and goes on much longer... There's one set of races where you have to do EVERY race you've done over again, only on mirrored tracks... terrible. I eventually beat it, but it was hard as fuck. You get codes whenever you totally wail on the entire game, so I played it wayyyyyy wayyyy too much to be healthy.
  21. Rust Tyrano? Pshaw, that was an easy boss. I dunno, I have a lot more trouble with the first incarnation of prime than the core essence... I personally think the essence is kinda easy, just dodge the flame attacks, then when he spawns metroids, zap them, THEN use the phazon to power your attack. When he spawns the weird one-weapon-weakness metroids, split them up, then lay a power bomb to destroy them all at once. Easy. Meta Ridley gave me a LOT more trouble than MP did. The fucker got me down to 12 health, no extra tanks the first time I fought him. Either way, all of the bosses in that game were (I thought) very deserving of the title "boss". I've been getting kinda sick of pathetically wimpy bosses, and the ones in Prime really had some substance to them. Very cool.
  22. Waiiiiit a minute, isn't shinryu that WICKEDLY hard guy does like a billion damage no matter what, and... yeah, the dragon thingy... jeebus that guy's tough... I beat him ONCE. just once. and it was insane, and I don't know why I tried so hard, becuase I spent like 3 days on it and he's totally optional... *shrugs* Chaos in the first Final Fantasy was tough. You spend SO much time whittling off like maybe 2000 of his hit points, and then *swoosh* he instantly regenerates them... very frustrating. Xan at the end of UT was damn hard, the guy was SO cheap the way he played. And the SD Lucifer and SD Sathanas destroyers from Descent: Freespace 1 and 2 respectively were RIDICULOUSLY hard to take down.
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